Pet hamsters are most frequently Golden or Syrian Hamsters

The average lifespan of a Syrian hamster is 24-30 months. Although it can be sad to have a pet for such a short time, it makes them ideal pets for people who don't want a long term commitment. It's also reassuring for parents who worried that they will be left looking after a pet for years after their child has lost interest.

Syrian hamster life span?

Your little pet's ancestors hail from Syria, where they are close to extinction in the wild. When full-grown, the short-haired hamster is between 5.5 and 6 inches long, with females larger than males. The average lifespan is about two years, although some might make it to age three. Short- and long-haired Syrian hamsters have the same average life span. The right kind of food, housing and necessary veterinary care can help your short-haired friend reach his maximum life expectancy.

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Syrian Hamster Care, Facts, Colors, Life Span - Shorthair & Longhaired I have had Syrians live almost 3 years. Lost a roborovski at 1.5 years due to a tumour, his brother is now 2 years old and has a tumour. I have found that in the 90s hamsters lived longer to what they do now. I don’t know whether that’s down to how much they have been over bred all these years on. My hamsters have had the best care, cages kept clean, healthy diet and of course lots of love. But unfortunately, it’s out of your control how long they live, despite the best care. Always be prepared when buying a hamster, that they have a shorter lifespan than other pets. This is upsetting. But the happiness they bring is worth it.

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Now the hamsters' lifespan belonging to each of these types is different from the others. Like, the Syrian hamsters possess a life span of two years at minimum and two and a half years at maximum. The Campbell dwarf hamsters mostly live one and a half year at minimum and two years at maximum. The Winter White dwarf hamsters have a life period of one and a half years at minimum and two years at maximum. The Roborovski dwarf hamsters mostly live for three years at minimum and three and a half years at maximum. While the last type of hamsters, the Chinese dwarf hamsters live for two years at minimum and three years at maximum.

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Typically, hamsters live 2-3 years. There is variation in the lifespan between the different breeds of hamsters. Roborovski hamsters, the smallest hamsters kept as pets, have the longest average lifespan and live to be 3 - 31/2 years old on average, and sometimes significantly longer. The dwarf hamsters, such as the Cambell's Russian Dwarf hamster and the Syrian hamster have the shortest lifespan and only live 1-2 years on average. The most common hamster sold in pet shops is the Golden Hamster which is also called the Syrian Hamster or the "Teddy Bear hamster" or "Black Bear hamster." Its lifespan falls in the middle and usually lives 2-3 years on average.These animals are nocturnal in nature. Hence, it is very rare to see them active during the day. The Syrian hammy is one of the largest hamsters with an average length of 4″ – 7″ at their fully grown age. However, the size may vary depending on the sex of the animal. In this case, females usually grow larger than the males. These hamster varieties have a very short tail, small eyes, and large cheek pouches. Based on studies, the average life span of a Syrian can vary anywhere from 2 to 2-1/2 years. However, some pet owners claim that their hamsters have lived as long as 4 years and the .