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We currently need volunteers to help feed and water at the two main dumpsites. We will also need bunny supplies such as a x-pens, cages, litter boxes, paper litter, bunny pellets, Timothy & Alfalfa hay, etc. plus monetary donations for medicine and the actual spay and neutering fees at the different vets. We will do everything in our power to keep the costs down to a minimum so that we can keep these guys healthy as we start to spay and neuter and finally help to stop all this unnecessary bunny suffering.

You can get ready for your new pet by reading, , which includes a list of initial bunny supplies.

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Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. You do not have to be a member of House Rabbit Resource Network to shop at our boutique! Come on by and shop our store for all your bunny supplies.

Rabbits love to grab and toss lightweight, unsecured bowls

Flopper's Garden: bunny crackers, herbal sprinkles, fully-leaved willow wreaths, tummy tea and more. Organic, herbal supplements for rabbits. First of all, ensure you’ve properly budgeted for your new furry friend. Costs include an adoption fee; vet bills for spay/neuter surgery, annual checkups, and occasional illness; housing and bunny proofing supplies; and food. After ten or more years, these costs can add up! Make sure you do the math first. Learn more at .

Pet Rabbit Supply Checklist - Indiana House Rabbit Society

Below, we have reviewed and rated the top fifteen rabbit supplies including cages, carriers, feeders, and water bottles. Your bunny will need all these items during his or her lifespan, and if you plan to hold rabbits for commercial purposes or breed them, you will need additional supplies. Rabbit supplies can be costly if not properly budgeted for, which is why it is important to know the best brands for durability, spaciousness (for cages and carriers), and dependability, as well as the ease with which you can replace broken parts.

Checklist of supplies for your pet rabbit