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I purchased two Sunbeam warming blankets and returned them both several times within the guarantee period because they weren't heating properly. Whether the blankets were "repaired" or replaced, they still heat minimally. The economic "damage" is that I didn't get blankets with effective guarantees.

Was actually larger than the last king sized Sunbeam Electric blanket. Keeps us toasty warm!

Sunbeam manufactures a line of heated bedding. The heated blankets and throws are designed to provide additional warmth during cold, winter nights. The blankets are powered by electricity, and most parts cannot be serviced by the consumer. Some issues can be resolved through troubleshooting. If the issue cannot be resolved, unplug the blanket, discontinue use and have it serviced.

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Cozy up to extra warmth with the Sunbeam® Channeled Microplush Heated Blanket so you can sleep warm and comfortably during cold winter nights. Your Sunbeam® Warming Product is designed to provide the appropriate heat to help maintain your body's own warmth and to keep you comfortable. It does not operate like a heating pad or older electric blankets you may have used years ago. When you touch the warming product, it may not feel hot to the touch. If you feel that your warming product is not operating properly or is not hot enough, we suggest you try the . If you have tried this test and the warming product does not heat, please contact us via .

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Looking for the best electric blanket or heated blanket deals? If you are sleeping cold in your bed and want some heat alongside plus luxurious heated blankets to make your cold nights warm again, the sunbeam heated fleece throw and sunbeam electric blanket that we've tested is the best electric blanket and best electric under blanket. These microplush warming blankets live up to the highest safety standards, great reviews and surpass all of the 12 volt electric blanket deals we've seen. Say hello to cheap heat!

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Sunbeam also produces the Slumber Rest, Therapedic and Imperial brands of electric blankets. They make many models of both kinds of fabrics so you will need to determine whether the one you are looking to buy is the kind for you. See the description on the package or read it on the store’s website. If the website is unclear, choose another web store. Generally their more costly units are the softest and will shed/pill the least. Another problem to be aware of with all Sunbeam warming products is that their heater wires are the largest and the stiffest in the industry which will reduce their comfort considerably even with their best fabrics.Biddeford and Sunbeam produce low, medium and high cost heated electric blankets under several different brand names. Perfect Fit (SoftHeat Low Voltage) competes only in the high-end category. We publish our opinions of each producer’s features so that, if you are in the market for a low cost warming blanket, you can pick the one that’s right for you.