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St. Ives Fresh Hydration Spray Lotion: rated 4.0 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. See 4 member reviews.

This video is a quick review of the St. Ives Continious Spray lotions now available at drugstores. If you loved the Vaseline Continuous Spray lotions, you're in for a treat.

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St. Ives Lotion Spray product review: The easiest lotion you'll ever use. Our hairdresser used this on my 7 year old's dry hair to detangle it before combing it out. What a blessing! We bought our own bottle immediately and use it on damp hair to prevent tangling. It is a lotion so it sprays on thick - you can distribute it on your hands or with a comb. Good product!

Update - my kid is now 10 and we are on our 4th bottle. Love it.

Product Review: Vaseline Men Spray Lotion | MANE MAN

I'm reviewing the SPF 15 sunscreen with instant bronzer under this brand. They have a few versions, gel, lotion and continuous spray, which is the one I'm using. It was recommended to me by a friend who uses it, and she looks great. So far I've only found it at Walgreens, which is a pity but at least they have the entire line in store and a few online. This has an orange flower type of scent (I guess, I know it's orange, anyway!) that doesn't turn into that dreaded spoiled-rotten pumpkin smell most self tanners and bronzers have, so I'm not sure if this even falls under the self-tanner category. What it seems to do is act as a sunscreen and tan developer, although I'm not quite sure on that. All I know is that I've used this, it works great as a sunscreen and the next day I had a nicely developed tan as well, with no streaking, no smell, no orange tint, no shimmer, and no rubbing off on my swimsuit, towels or anything else. It is also waterproof and sweatproof for the 80 minutes they claim and although it is a little sticky after you first apply (20 minutes before going outside, as the bottle instructed), it's not unbearable and once I was outside I didn't notice it. The greatest thing about this is that it's an all-inclusive product, sunscreen (anywhere from SPF 4 to 30 or higher, depending on the product) and bronzer all in one which eliminates the need for me to use two or three different products to achieve the same effect. It runs between $8 and $12 depending on sales (I got it for $7.99 with a free tan-preserving lotion I haven't tried yet) and if it continues to perform as well as it already has, I'll continue to buy it. I think the only complaint I have is that the cap on mine snapped off so I had to be careful not to lose it and/or to be sure it was on securely before spraying. My fault though, for just grabbing a can and going to the register, without checking to see if it was intact beforehand.

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