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Let your pet ride in style! The Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover combines luxury and protection. The padded and quilted construction provides a soft cushion while protecting the back seat form dirt, dander and spills. Made from polyester micro-suede material and has multiple attachment points, adjustable straps and two Sta-Put devices keeps the cover firmly in place in all vehicles. Because it is quilted it is not waterproof, but it is treated with Stain-Blok. Our Care and Use Guide Recommends: Promptly wipe up any foreign matter or standing liquid with a damp cloth or sponge AND Machine wash in a commercial size front loading washing machine with cold water and mild detergent. Line dry.

The Solvit SmartFit™ Deluxe Bench Seat Cover combines luxury, warmth and protection

At the top of the Solvit Products line of protective covers is the new Premium Seat Cover. Designed to cover both the seat and seat back of a bench seat this cover features new Smart Fit construction that allows the cover to fit more snuggly. Its quilted 100% cotton fabric and leather trim will make it an attractive addition to a car’s interior while providing superior protection against dog hair and stains.

The Deluxe Bench Seat Cover features quilted material and the new Smart Fit construction now found on all Solvit Products seat covers. It is available in a standard size (MSRP $59.99) and extra wide (MSRP 64.99) for large SUVs. The Waterproof Bench Seat Cover offers durable protections in both standard (MSRP $44.99) and extra wide (MSRP $49.99).

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The Solvit Deluxe Bench Seat Cover lies across the backseat of your car or SUV Once you've installed the Solvit Sta-Put™ Deluxe Bench Seat Cover in the backseat of your car, your pets can ride in comfort while you can relax knowing that your seats will be protected from all sorts of pet messes. The two adjustable web-like straps will go around the rear headrests to hold the cover in place at the top of your backseat. There are two sets of four grommet positions at the edge of the cover that make it work with various headrest configurations. There is also a SmartFit Elastic Panel at the bottom for a snug fit.

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Snow, slush and rain happen – is the interior of your vehicle protected from the mess of your damp doggy? Kevin Roberts is sick of his four-wheel disaster areas (caused by his four-legged disaster makers). When they’re on the go in inclement weather, the dogs in his pack are furry sponges that can’t wait to cover the inside of his cars with muck, water and slime (and the smell isn’t that pleasant either). We let him test out Solvit’s Waterproof Sta-Put SUV Cargo Liner and Bench Seat Cover to see if they could save his cars’ interiors.

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The Solvit Sta-Put™ Deluxe Bench Seat Cover is a quilted seat cover that attaches to the headrests in the backseat of your car and protects your seat from many of the messes our pets can bring. We all love our pets, but their messes--not so much. Whether your biggest concern is shedding fur, dirty paws, dander, or other messes, you can protect your car seats from them with the Sta-Put™ Deluxe Bench Seat Cover. And what's even better? The soft, micro-suede top fabric and padding in the quilted cover will provide comfort to your pets while giving you peace of mind. A win-win for you and your pets. This easy-to-install seat cover has multiple attachment points and adjustable straps to fit any size seat. Two Sta-Put™ devices keep the cover firmly in place in any vehicle that has headrests in the back seat. There is also a SmartFit Elastic Panel at the bottom for a snug fit.Would we buy the Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put SUV Cargo Liner and Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover? Yes! We were happy with how easy both these products were to install. In less than two minutes, we were ready to roll. The cover and liner fit easily in both vehicles and stayed in place during the lengthy testing period. An added bonus: there’s been no wear and tear from the dogs’ nails. I’m happy that I can quickly wipe down, and the car is free of mud and snow again. We recommend these to anyone who is tired of having a dog-dirty car.