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It is always a good thing to get an insight into the condition and health of a pet before buying it, so we made a list of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York that you might visit before purchasing a reptile pet.

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We went through many snake breeders and pet shop websites and rank them according to quality and quantity of products they offer. We got guiding lines from website, which is specialized for snakes, and also recommendations for good reptile stores. Some of the breeders did not have the official website, only phone number or email contact so we avoided those because we didn’t have an insight in their offers, and we avoided stores and breeders without proper a website in general. We also concentrated on small-scale breeders and smaller reptile pet shops with experience in breeding reptiles because of the reasons we mentioned above. Now get ready for the tour of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York:

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Bass Pro Shops 16'' Snake Worms The shops sell more than snake soup. You could also try shots of local alcohol said to cure coughs, strengthen bones and even serve as an alternative to Viagra.

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Shop owner Mak Tai-kong, 84, has been working there for 64 years. He sells an average of 100 snakes a week to restaurants and snake soup shops that could otherwise buy pre-butchered meat, but prefer the freshness he offers.

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Berkeley’s East Bay Vivarium is one of the Bay Area’s best specialty shops for reptile owners. The store sells a wide variety of supplies including tanks, food, heaters, lights and supplements. For those in search of a new pet, the shop also sells pythons, boas and other snakes, as well as lizards and turtles. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and a great resource for both new and veteran reptile owners alike. The Vivarium also offers hard-to-find boarding services for vacationing reptile owners.When people think “pets,” they are typically referring to dogs, cats, hamsters and other fluffy creatures, but many pet owners actually love and care for reptiles. For pet owners who prefer turtles, lizards, snakes and other reptiles, finding pet stores that carry a good selection of equipment can be tricky, but there are shops in town that cater to them. If you’re looking for supplies, toys and more for your reptilian friend, add the following stores to your list.Campbell’s Pets And More caters to all small pet owners of all species, including dogs, cats and reptiles. Customers will find potential pets like chameleons, snakes and bearded dragons healthy and kept in clean cages. The shop’s live food selection includes mice, crickets and cockroaches. Staff is well-educated on reptiles and their care, and will take the time to ensure owners have all the supplies and information needed to keep pets healthy and happy. Pricing is very competitive and comparable to many of the big pet store chains.An average meal of snake costs 26 Hong Kong dollars (US$3.30), about the same price as a bowl of noodle soup. Most of Hong Kong's 130-odd snake shops go by the name Shie Wong, which translates into "Snake King."