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While most people choose a glass terrarium for snakes, there are several different cages available, learn about each in this free snake owner's video.

Expert: Johan Svahnström
Bio: Johan Svahnström has been working with reptiles and amphibian for over 20 years.
Johan was born in Sweden
Filmmaker: pamela hartzell

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Well, the same concept is true for your reptile cages, snake cages or lizard cages. Reptiles are small creatures. Some of them can fit in the palm of your hand. While other species are much larger, they are still relatively close to the ground. Even if your pet doesn’t need exceptionally tall snake cages, it would be nice for you to be able to care for your pet without having to crouch on the floor all the time.

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Reptile Cages, Custom Reptile cage, Iguana Cage, Custom Reptile Enclosure, Snake Cages Last but not least, your snake cage must be easy to clean. Regular cleaning will keep your pet healthy and will reduce the chance of illness or disease. And the easier a cage is to clean, the more likely you’ll be to do it on a regular basis. This is another benefit of plastic, plexiglass, acrylic and glass types of cages — they are easy to wipe down with a disinfectant spray. It’s also why you should avoid wood cages. Wood is hard to clean and is much more likely to harbor bacteria.

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This is why I’m such a fan of Vision cages. They meet all of the requirements above, and they are also extremely durable. They come in a variety of sizes too, from two feet in width all the way up to the six-footers, so they accommodate a wide range of snake species.

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Our Snake Cages & Reptile Cages are great for snakes as we offer Boa Cages, Carpet Python Cages, Green Tree Python Cages, Red Tail Boa Cages, Ball Python Cages, Kingsnake Cages, and Jungle Carpet Python Cages. Our cages work for many other breeds of snakes. Our cages also are excellent for other reptiles because our Reptile Cages are made with PVC Plastic. This means that the cages can work as Bearded Dragon Cages and other lizards as well. A PVC Cage can be combined to make a stack of enclosures for an impressive presentation of cages, snake cages, reptile cages, and when combined with high-quality reptile supplies your reptile will thrive. Many have housed their Reptiles and Snakes in Reptile Terrariums. An Bearded Dragon cage or even a cage for most lizards is a click away. Don’t settle for just any Reptile Terrarium when you can have the best Terrariums with a PVC plastic cage made from PVC plastics. We offer a good cage for humidity, and a snake hide box including a Burmese Python Hide Box.The reptile industry sure has come a long way over the years. In fact, we I first got started with snake keeping (more years in the past than I care to disclose), there was no such thing as a reptile “industry.” Sure, there were plenty of people keeping snakes in homemade cages or converted aquariums. But there was nothing resembling the professional industry and products we have today. So if you’re just starting to shop around for snake cages, you can rest assured that you’ve got some great options!