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Our bird toys for small birds are perfect for embracing natural bird behaviors like chewing, foraging and climbing- all while minimizing or even eliminating these same actions on your bird's cage or other furniture. These small toys, designed for Parakeets to Conures, are perfectly sized to prevent overcrowding or fear while providing hours of entertainment.

♥ Pet Bird DIY Ideas ♥ DIY PARROT TOYS - Push half wooden pegs & paddle pop sticks through a small basket.

Colourful Wooden Wheels Small - Parrot Toy Parts - 20 PackMake a brand new toy by adding different parts, and these to older toys, or fasten one or two wheels around the cage for your parrots to find.

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When you buy parrot toys from us you're also supporting small business. Examples – These are parrots-toys that are primarily made of wood, rawhide, or any other chewable material that can be destroyed. Destructibles are important parrot-toys. All parrots, from little budgies to Hyacinth macaws must have access to wood they can chew. Making toothpicks is critical to the psychological well being of our feathered friends. Even Libby, Carol’s blind Timneh African Grey, does an admirable job of chewing up her Destructible parrot-toys. Because wooden parrot-toys are meant to be destroyed, it is important to note that wood varies in its “crunch potential”. Some woods are harder than others to chew are. Pieces of manzanita, bamboo, and arbutus are appropriate for larger birds. They are pretty tough for smaller birds to destroy. For the little guys or birds that aren’t big chewers, buy toys with smaller pieces of softer wood such as pine or cholla. Because parrots are so visually responsive, the bright colors of these wooden parrot-toys are very attractive to them. Be aware of the fact that some parrots tend to be more destructive during certain times of the year – usually during their breeding period. Non-chewers may begin to chew, and heavy-duty chewers may turn into buzz saws. Be sure to have plenty of Destructibles on hand.

Parrot toys are generally labeled for small, medium or large parrots

Examples – Foot Toys are small parrot-toys that are suitable for grasping. These can be anything from small pieces of wood, rattles, barbells, hard rubber chews, rawhide pieces, small chunks of cholla, and hard plastic toys that roll and wobble. Foot Toys can go into the toy bowl or toy chest in the cage. They’re great to have on hand as a beak distraction to keep your parrot from nibbling on your fingers. And they are fun to play with on the floor. Some parrots love to play on their backs and wrestle with their Foot Toys.

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