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Square’s gift cards also have a simple pricing structure. While many gift card programs come with monthly and redemption fees, Square’s cards are a flat rate of just $1 to $2 per card, depending on your order. And if you just want to test the waters, you can start small. Square Gift Card Starter Packs are sold in sets of 20 (and ship the next day). You can choose from one of our templates (we have templates specifically tailored toward holidays) or design your own gift cards. Check out some examples of for some inspiration.

Fundraiser idea - ask local businesses to donate small gift cards to sell @ silent auction and make a tree like this.

In reply to Linsey Knerl, I'm working at a gas station this winter. One man comes in several times a month with gift cards that have small amounts on them, never more than $5. He uses them to buy the balance in gas... filling his small jerry cans for his power tools.

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There are a few popular service providers who will help you get going with small business gift cards: If you’re a small business, a closed-loop gift card program may be the best place to start. That’s because it’s typically the easiest to implement and track, and also tends to have less complicated terms than open-loop gift card programs. Closed-loop cards are also usually easier to customize—that is, create your own pricing structure and design the actual card with your own branding. Having a closed-loop gift card program, however, does not exclude you from participating in an open-loop gift card program. It’s possible to have your own branded gift card program and also sign on to be part of a collective gift card program.

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Just slapping a stack of gift cards on your counter gets a C for effort. If you want to sell a lot of gift cards, you need to make sure they’re as gift-ready as possible. A customized design goes a long way, as does offering free envelopes to go along with it. It’s also a nice touch to package gift cards within a small bag, where you throw in another small freebie. If you’re a chocolate shop, for example, maybe toss in a few treats along with the gift card. These types of things make the gift seem more special—and more personal.

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How? By rewarding your employees, your customers and others who are helping make your small business successful with our personalized gift cards.When you strategically issue gift cards in denominations most likely to attract gift givers based on the occasion, you increase the efficacy of your marketing program while simultaneously influencing your average order value for gift card sales. Unlike the physical items that you sell as gifts, gift cards sales don’t result in exchanges or refund requests post-sale. For small business owners, these inherent aspects of gift cards are a win-win for maximizing profitability, and reducing the likelihood of lost sales, customer complaints and chargebacks.So don’t think of yourself as a “small” business – look big, look professional, make a bigger impression with our co-branded and custom gift cards.Whether you’re a dentist, landscaper, retailer or information provider, your business should offer gift cards. Implementing a gift card program will not only attract new customers but also provide an easy way for existing customers to share their love and passion for what you do. Don't let money slip right through your small business—get out there and offer gift cards.