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Many jurisdictions don't have stringent requirements for smaller air tanks, such as likely in a home, or exempt non-commercial from inspection, or any number of other ways of limiting the number of inspections, and limiting to the tanks most likely to cause damage or death. This DOES NOT mean that it is safe or intelligent to do repair work you arn't qualified to do, just because your jurisdiction doesn't explicitly prohibit it.

JHH (Jet Hangar Hobbies) also carries small air tanks and they are very pleasant to deal with. I just received 3 from them.

Another benefit of larger storage volume is that the air has more time to cool and dry, especially if there is more than one tank in line (two small tanks, one after the other, are better than one large one)

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The Aluminum paintball tanks are heavier than the others and tend to hold a smaller amount of air So it depends on how fast you want to fill your tanks. You can buy a cheap, small air compressor and leave it running over night to fill up your storage cylinders. Or you buy an expensive, big compressor and fill them up in an hour.

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Portable air tanks typically range in capacity from 5 gallons to 8 gallons. The light weight of the small cylindrical tank makes it ideal for adding air to a low-pressure automobile tire. The air tank's small capacity and pressure generally will not fill a completely flat tire. The portable air tank is also useful for inflating small air mattresses and has enough capacity to fill up four or five basketballs. Generally these portable air tanks are filled with a regular air compressor.

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Most standard paintball gun air systems for sale come in various sizes with the larger carrying more gas and therefore offering more shots. Air tanks with larger sized capacities are more commonly used for scenario paintball guns best equipped for longer games. Back players and snipers who provide cover fire from stationary positions can afford larger, more cumbersome weapons and larger gas tanks that can handle tons of shooting. Large size paintball air tanks may not be best for extremely light tournament markers as they may throw off the balance. While smaller sized air systems for sale may run out of gas much sooner, their lightweight and compact size makes them a better match for the agility required in tournaments and high performance competition guns. Small air tanks also work great for compact tactical markers used for close quarter battles and fast front line action in scenario paintball. Even though they have a lesser capacity, air systems with smaller profiles also allow players to carry several tanks during a game to help make up for the lack of shot volume.5L Small Compressed Trailer Air Tanks Mounting Brackets 1. Product Introduction of the 5L Small Compressed Air Tank The 5 Gallon Air Tank LAHOO is a professional compressed air purification equipment manufacturer based in China. Since inception, we are dedicated to providing our global customers...