This video demonstrates how to properly fit and use a slip collar

A training collar should not be used for normal wear outside of training and walks. Even though the training collars are designed to be comfortable for your dogs, having a normal collar to switch out to during normal down time at home will help avoid any accident with the training collar being caught on anything around the house. Don’t get a martingale or slip collar for your dog if they do not need any sort of training or behavioral correction.

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A Martingale collar is a kind of combination between a regular buckle collar, which most dogs wear and a training collar. It has got a little bit of this chain, which actually helps to give the noise correction without choke. So the collar is around the dogs neck, if you need to give a leash correction. With a little pop to the chain, you get that noise, which is an aid for the dog to take as a clue. Any way, I am going to put this on Saffie. Saffie sit. Slip it on over head, and I always like praise the dog, no matter what I am putting on over their head, so they have a positive association with it, and sometimes when you are leaning towards the dog, its a threatening motion, especially if the dog is not comfortable with you.

Comfort Flex Limited Slip Collar

Alvalley Nylon Slip Collars are handcrafted with the finest nylon for a smooth and soft feel. Martingale collars are like flat collars but they tighten when the dog pulls. Even though they tighten, they are generally not used for giving a correction the way a choke chain is. Rather, they are used because they are less likely to slip over the dog’s head when adjusted correctly than a flat collar is. These collars should be adjusted so that even at their tightest they cannot accidentally strangle the dog

Braided & Nylon Slip Collars for Dogs - dogIDs

I just wanted to brag a little, I got the Leather slip collar this week I ordered from you and I just wanted to tell you that it is the finest quality slip Collar I have seen and I have owned a variety of them over the years and it is the best I have used and I will recommend it to anyone I just want to say thank you for selling products we can depend on.

Mendota Braided Command Slip CollarAs low as: $ 11.00.

Our Soft Sliptm is a wonderfully functional and diverse collar. It's sturdy limited slip design is one that has been proven over the years by dog mushers. My personal favorite because it doesn't damage neck hair and offers more control than a regular buckle collar. Also very easy to put on and take off. A favorite of long coated breeds because there isn't a buckle to catch or pinch hair. If you need strength or control, this is the collar for you. Great for working "soft" or young dogs in obedience. Colorfast and machine washable.The Soft Sliptm is fit just like any other Limited Slip design collar: It goes on over your dog's head (like the old choke training collar, or show collar) with the end or "live" ring to the dog's right. This is also the ring to which a lead is attached. When properly adjusted, pulling on the "live" or end ring will cause the collar to tighten around your dog's neck but not to the point of choking, while at the same time not allowing the dog to "back out" of the collar. For my own dogs I place the collar at the narrowest part of the neck, just behind the ears, pull on the "live" ring so that it snugs up around the dog's neck, then check to see that I can get a couple of fingers (flat) between the collar and the dog's neck. This way my dog can't back out of the collar, yet there will be no choking. If you have an escape artist and/or if this is a concern make sure, as you would with any collar, that you double check to see that the collar is snug enough. Fitting adjustments are easiest with the collar off of your dog. Again as you would with any collar, always check the collar after any adjustment, and if you have a coated breed check the adjustment as she/he is loosing coat or growing in new coat. With a heavily coated breed it can make a difference. If you have any webbing doubled be sure it goes to the side opposite the slip section or the collar will not slip and release. Any tags should be attached to the passive ring