The Best Way to Get Rid of Skunk Smell-Odor Removal

If you've ever had a dog that decided to pick a fight with a skunk you know that the outcome can be rather unpleasant for your dog, and the rest of the family. I had a german shepherd that was sprayed by a skunk on two separate occasions. The first time I tried the ol' tomato juice bath and even used a de-skunking solution purchased from a pet store, but he still smelled like skunk, although not as strong, for about a week. The second incident happened the second night in our new home. I remembered seeing a recipe in a magazine for a solution which claimed to eliminate the skunk odor on contact. I found myself digging through boxes in the basement at midnight to look for my magazines. I then spent some more time looking through the magazines until I found the article.

I'll share the best deodorizing tips to removing smelly odor from being sprayed by a skunk

Krebaum originally developed the formula to rid his laboratory of odor while he was conducting research projects with thiols, compounds that are naturally produced, often in association with the degradation of protein. Later he modified the formula when a colleague asked for help with a pet cat that had encountered a skunk. The colleague reported that the formula worked like magic, removing every trace of skunk odor from the sprayed cat.

Removing Skunk Odor: Home Remedies & Recipes You Can Use

Which one do you think will be the most successful at removing skunk odor? I bet you will be ecstatic when I tell you I have a natures miracle skunk odor removal recipe for dogs! Was your dog sprayed by skunk? Ewwww…. I’ve been there! I know what you are going through. I have the best homemade skunk odor removal recipe for you!

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To treat cat and dog fur plagued with stubborn skunk odor, create a home remedy comprised of one gallon apple cider vinegar, one quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, ½ cup baking soda, and two teaspoons of liquid dish soap. First, pour the remedy onto your pet’s fur and massage it into the skin for ten minutes. This will help to neutralize and eliminate the skunk odor. With a garden hose or in a bathtub with cool running water, thoroughly rinse the fur. Follow up with a routine wash of the fur using a gentle pet shampoo.

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Skunk spray is a scent that can make our pets outcasts. Want to remove skunk odor and bring them back into the home? Here is a recipe for a homemade solution that works to remove the odor. Use it within one hour of mixing it because it loses potency quickly. Discard any unused solution after application.We’ve found this recipe to work well in the past, however, we assume no responsibility for your usage of this mixture. The downside is that it may bleach, as peroxide does, but the upside is that it works better than many store bought skunk odor remover products that you can pay a lot of money for. Forget tomato juice. The acid in tomatoes do not break down the acid in skunk spray like these combined ingredients.