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When I went to the Kings of Fish Feast at the San Pedro Fish Market a few weeks ago; they were kind enough to give us their world that’s used on their shrimp trays! What I had at the event tasted amazing; so I was excited to try the seasoning in my own recipe. Now normally when I make a shrimp boil I’ll use Louisiana or Zatarain’s Crawfish Shrimp and Crab Boil Seasoning; however the Signature Spice Seasoning from the San Pedro Fish Market was just as good!

Great recipe for The Ports O' Call Shrimp Tray. My version of the famous Ports O ' Call Shrimp tray..

To nail the right amount of firm, snappy bite, we always recommend brining shrimp in salt and baking soda before cooking, though we also offer . Master the basic techniques and you'll be ready to tackle the 18 recipes below, including a classic shrimp cocktail that's leaps and bounds above any store-bought tray, Singapore noodles, and shrimp scampi infused with vermouth and garlic.

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FathersGarlic BreadShrimp RecipesTrayIs The BestSeafoodFishMain DishesProducts I served this for a Christmas partyand it was a huge hit! I followedthe recipe exactly. I used regularvodka and extra black pepper since Idid not have the Peppar vodka. Ifound wide mouthed/stout shotglasses at World Market and servedthe shrimp in them with some bigfunky toothpicks I found. I noticedmy guests drinking the remainingsauce out of their little shotglasses and thought - either Ishould have used a small spooninstead of a toothpick, or I couldhave added a bit more vodka for moreof a "shooter" theme. The glasseslooked gorgeous on a silver tray. Ihave had to email the recipe to mostof my guests.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil - Damn Delicious

Boiling Crab's Whole Sha-Bang Shrimp Recipe

Serves: 5-6

6 pounds of whole shrimp
2 lemons
2 limes
1 tbs fish sauce
1 tbs old bay seasoning
1 tbs cajun
1 tbs smoked paprika
1 tbs sugar
½ tbs lemon pepper seasoning
½ tbs cayenne pepper (*for spiciness, to taste)
salt and pepper to taste
20 cloves chopped garlic
4 corn on the cob, cut into 2 inch pieces
3 sticks unsalted butter

Boil the corn in boiling water for 6-10 minutes, depending on the size of the corn. Set aside in a large tray once cooked.
To make the sauce, melt the butter on low heat. Add-in the chopped garlic, cook on low heat until garlic becomes fragrant (usually 2 minutes). Stir frequently to avoid burning the garlic. Add-in spices: fish sauce, old bay seasoning, cajun, smoked paprika, sugar, lemon pepper seasoning, cayenne to the desired spiciness, dash of salt and pepper to taste. Stir and cook on low heat for another 3 minutes.
Cut lemons and limes in half and squeeze out juice into small bowl. Take the lemon and lime peels and mix in with the sauce for 2 minutes on low heat. Turn off the heat and set sauce aside.
Cook the shrimps in boiling water for approximately 3 minutes, or until cooked. Set cooked shrimps aside with the same tray of corn.
Pour sauce over shrimps and corn, and toss well.
Serve the shrimps with a side of lemon/lime juice mixed with a dash of salt and pepper.

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Feb 13, 2017 - Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil - Easiest shrimp boil ever