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Rather than attaching a leash to a leather or nylon collar, as an owner would do when walking the dog at home, show leads typically consist of a length of thin leather or nylon with two loops, one for the dog’s neck and one for your hand. There is a bead or a clip that slides up and down to adjust to the dog’s neck size.

I've picked up collars and leads at shows. I've also purchased on line; most recently from 3C's  and

Slip Show Leads – a medium weight show lead made of a silky, but soft and strong paracord available in a wide variety of colors. For those who do not like kindness collars or are more comfortable with traditional slip collars.

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Results 1 - 21 of 21 - Home > Collars and Leashes > Dog Show Collars and Leads .. I bought the collars at shows, and Emmett's breeder picked up the leads for me (bless her heart!!). I love those leads so much and look for more every time I'm at a show... no luck yet! I had leather leads previously and hated them because they were awkward and wayyy too long.

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Did you know that Cherrybrook had humble beginings nearly 50 years ago selling show dog supplies off of a card table set up at North East area dog shows? Over the years our business has grown substantialy and so has our collection of "Show Leads and Collars". Trusted by exhibitors and handlers for years, it will be hard to find a better selection show equipment. We have an extensive collection of chain, nylon, and leather. Available options include loop leads, martingales, snap leads, snake chains, slide leads and much more.

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I'm often asked how to attach loop end leads to collars - I will show my preferred method, and another method which I have been shown from others. Click on the photos to enlarge, use left and right arrows to browse through.Kindness Collar Show Lead – our paracord kindness collar show leads are stunning, soft in your hand, yet strong and functional. The satin padded collar (brocade and printed pads available for custom orders) has all the advantages and functionality of the toy kindness collars but in a heavier weight cord for larger dogs.Kindness Collar Show leads – ours are made of the finest smooth nylon string that is almost metallic in quality – like a fine piece of jewelry around your dog’s neck! Beautiful padded satin pads (brocade and printed pads available for custom orders) protect sensitive skin and help get your dog to carry his head. Used on Yorkies, Maltese, Chihuahuas and other tiny toy breeds who are shown with a high head carriage. Slip Show Leads – ours are made of the finest, smooth nylon string that is almost metallic in quality – these are the simplest and most elegant of toy leads for those who do not like using kindness collars.

Martingale – our standard Toy martingale lead has a loop under the chin and two closures that tighten behind the neck. These are great leads for dogs who tend to slip out of other types of show leads or for dogs who need a bit more control. Also helpful for getting a dog to carry his head up.

Martingale Kindness - a toy Kindness Collar and Martingale all in one!