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Getting the right puppy shots and vaccinations is only one part of proper health care for your dog. There are just as many myths about other aspects of doggie health and safety as there are about vaccinations. So you might enjoy my related articles....

Buying the vaccines and administering the shots at home also allows you to save ..

I'm thankful that, living in Australia, I don't have to worry about the rabies vaccination - one of the advantages of living on an island! I'd feel much happier about booster vaccinations if they could be done individually, ie, parvo one week, distemper the next & so on. So far as I'm aware only the parvo shot is available on its own. I just think it's too much for their immune systems to have them all at once. Luckily I have an enlightened vet who is happy to titre test & so that's what we've done after my golden retriever had her 1 year booster to her puppy shots.

With regards to the KC vaccine - I've never given it to my girl since she isn't boarded. When she was a puppy I had another dog who did get KC - I was certain my girl would get it since she was only 6 months old & had never been vaccinated but she didn't get it. This was despite them having daily games of "bitey-face" before, during & after the KC in the other dog. I know she's also been directly exposed to it on at least one other occasion, again without getting it. I put it down to her good genes & her daily raw diet keeping her immune system in good stead!

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Dog Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Adult Dogs - Pets WebMD In short, once a puppy has had his initial vaccines, annual shots are not necessary and are even detrimental. You can easily check to see if your dog remains protected from infectious disease through a simple blood . I did titer tests frequently at my own practice two decades ago, and found that all dogs were showing protection. Excellent has backed up my clinical experience. Veterinarians now know it’s important to minimize the potential for chronic long term medical problems from vaccinations. The new mantra for vaccinations is “less is more”.

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I brang my puppy 3 pounds to the vet for its first shots it was given the distemper combination with Adenovirus type 2 Parainfluenza-Parvovirus vaccine got into the car and make it a block when pudder started vomiting and her eyes were rounding back in her head turned around and went back to the vet she had had an allergic reaction they had to give her steroids and anti histamines which i was charged for I have to continue the anti histamines for 2 day she was still having a reaction after 2 days.

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I have read that dogs shed parvo virus after they are vaccinated. My 4 year old dog got her parvo vaccine 4 days ago. Is it safe for her to visit with my friends 14 week old puppy, who has his shots at 8 and 12 weeks. I am worried about viral shedding from my dog from her vaccination, and if the puppy can get parvo this way, even though he has his shots. Can it be transmitted if they are just playing and I make sure my dog doesn't poop there? Thank You