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By We just got our new baby in May. She is now 16 weeks old. Her name is Hayden. Her mom is a standard short hair dachshund (purebred). Her dad is a pomeranian (purebred). She seems to have got many traits from both breeds, but mostly resembles her mommy. Hayden is a very good eater. Sometimes too good where she'll eat random things off the ground when we aren't looking. Her vet said that she would be surprised if Hayden got more than 15lbs. Currently, at 16 weeks, she is 8lbs 13oz.

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Chihuahua dogs have no coat, and this could be the reason their mix with Pomeranian dogs give two kinds one with long hair and another one with short hair.

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Brown short haired pomeranian! "Jake is a 1-year-old male exotic blue and white parti Pomeranian. I keep his hair cut short due to so much motorcycle riding it tends to tangle and look frayed. Jake is a wonderful, social dog. We use Jake on our Patriot Guard rides to welcome home soldiers who have been overseas and the families who have lost someone in the war. They always seem to remember Jake and his outgoing personality and friendly smile gives them something to remember. Jake is one of four we have. Jake is the leader of a small motorcycle club of dogs who do this type of therapy work called Killer Poms. And yes, they all have their own leather vests they wear while riding."

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Pomeranian puppies have a thick, fluffy coat that they begin to shed around 3 months of age. The puppy will continue to lose hair until he is between 8 and 10 months old, when his adult coat has grown in. A Pom puppy will look quite naked during this period, but the reward is a full, double coat of fur that he will shed again around his first birthday and yearly after that. The adult Pomeranian coat is made up of short, dense hair with outer hair that is longer and thinner. It's the outer coat that makes a Pom look fluffy. A Pomeranian's coat may be trimmed lightly but should never be shaved. Once shaved, the coat may not grow back as it should.

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There are two theories on where the Chihuahua comes from, one says they were brought over to Mexico by Spanish traders from China where they were then bred with native dogs. The other says they descend from an ancient dog found in 9th century central and south America called the Techichi. Either could be true. In the 1850s the short haired Chihuahua was discovered in a Mexican state called Chihuahua, which is where the name comes from. They were brought to America in the late 1800s and the AKC first registered one in 1904. The long haired variety is thought to be a result of breeding the short haired with long haired dogs like the Pomeranians or the Papillons. Guys! I've got my first haircut! After my last photoshoot Mommy decided that my hair was way too long So my auntie made the call and made an appointment for today! Mommy told them; NOT TOO SHORT! But here I am.. Way shorter then she hoped! But now she's used too my haircut already and she thinks I look like a little fox! Grams is also in love with me all over again! What do you guys think? #kay #haircut #shorthairdontcare #fox #pomeranian #pom #puppy #babyboy #cutiepie #lovehim #pommymommy…When you breed a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua you get the cutest dog on the planet. A very graceful dog, the Pomchi will either have long hair or short hair depending on which parent they take after. But many of these dogs have short hair and resemble their Chihuahua parent. Ranging from 5 to 12 pounds, these dogs can easily be carried where ever you go. Unlike some dogs in which the male is the larger animal, in the Pomchi breed, the female is longer than the male. When it comes to coat color the sky is the limit when it comes to what you are going to get. While the offspring may resemble one of the parents it’s also possible to get a mixture of the two different dogs. This can be frustrating for some breeders who try to determine what their puppies are going to look like.Pomeranians sport a thick, double-layered coat that poofs out into a Tribble-meets-pom-pom appearance in its full glory. Although adorable, this full coat may pose too strenuous a grooming task for some owners. Shorter hairstyles reduce grooming needs, but they also irreversibly alter the texture of your pooch's coat.