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Interesting article. Being an Australian site and being subject to the most expensive shipping rates in the world unfortunately makes free shipping just about impossible unless it is for items we can put through the post in an envelope.
One of the biggest downsides of Shopify is that it is not possible to adjust shipping into zones. Within Australian states there are different mailing zones depending on the location of the customer. Some states can have up to 4 zones which can vary quite considerably in shipping costs. The zones are set by postcodes/zipcodes so it could be possible to set up the shipping depending on the postcode the customer enters but everytime I bring this up with Shopify I am ignored or sent a standard response on how its just tough cookies. this is costing our business considerable amounts of money each month and is a massive downside to the Shopify program.

Shopify Shipping doesn't offer Priority Worldwide rates to the United States.

After you've in your Shopify admin, you can view and compare calculated shipping rates from an order's Fulfillment page. Depending on your Shopify plan and your shipment, you'll be eligible for reduced rates from USPS or Canada Post.

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Shopify Shipping doesn't offer Priority Worldwide shipping rates internationally. USPS has the solution to your ecommerce API and shipping API needs. The Web Tools® API library enables external e-commerce shopping cart and shipping software to access valuable USPS® data—free of charge! From shipping rates to tracking information to scheduling a package pickup, Web Tools makes shipping with the U.S. Postal Service® easier than ever. Get started now or read on to learn more.

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Since the comments above, there are a lot of apps on Shopify that do all this from discounted USPS walk-in rates usually reserved for high volume accounts to free shipping calculators (in which you can stipulate an order minimum) to calculators in real time that plug into the store including customs forms and shipping tracking numbers. USPS First Class rate also comes with some tracking now. I plan to offer a minimum purchase free ship offer in the header AND allow customers to chose their method during checkout using shipping apps (some are free or very low cost). Overall, my spreadsheet margins do cover this to a degree, but I realize it would be very hard if done as an afterthought with already published pricing.

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When you buy your shipping labels through Shopify you’ll receive preferred shipping rates that we've negotiated on behalf of all Shopify merchants. For example, the cost to ship a 5lb package from New York City to Chicago is $16.20 if you walk into a USPS location today. When you use Shopify to buy and print that label, you would pay just $11.26 on our Basic plan, $10.53 on Pro, or $9.80 on the Unlimited plan (a 40% savings).This article, while somewhat helpful, really annoyed me because it disguises one of the Shopify’s great weaknesses, which is the way it calculates shipping costs (at least with the Professional and Basic plans). The only options for determining shipping rates is to use either cost or weight. This is a major flaw that prevents me as a developer from recommending it to a lot of people.Interesting. I’m now helping (as Shopify Partner) a company based in Switzerland sell in the US. All their products are handmade and shipped from Switzerland using express delivery.
Since the difference between US states is marginal we are offering a flat rate. Still, it’s a high flat rate ($40!) so this is our number one challenge now, which we will probably solve in the future by using a domestic US fulfilment service, while keeping some stock there.
Knowing that shipment rates are the #1 abandonment factor will help in making this decision.
Still, it’s very tough to run a test program with such high shipping costs.
If anyone has feedback on solving a similar issue with expensive international shipping, I’ll be glad to hear it!We've been using Shipping Easy with our Shopify Store for almost 2 years now and have had a great experience! Shipping Easy integrates seamlessly with Shopify, and we love that it automatically provides our customers with their tracking information. We also appreciate the instant messenger style chat-help and their thorough FAQs and support page, since we are not very tech-savvy :)