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The quality and design of the receiver/collar unit is much more robust than those generic $15-20 units. The charging port is placed in a more convenient area and the studs to retain the strap is much more sturdy. The transmitter/remote is about the same in quality as the generic units, but it has a nice backlight which is nice for training sessions in the evening. The order of the modes is much more intuitive than some other units I’ve used, goes from light (useless), tone, vibrate, and finally shock. I was having some connectivity issues with my transmitter, but the seller was extremely responsive and was able to get my replacement unit under warranty in about 2 days. Really impressed!

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My dogs we’re constantly going over to the neighbor’s house as soon as they pulled up. They would always run towards people if they saw them or dogs if they heard them. When nipped that the butt quick with these dog trainers!!! I really like that I can set two shock collars to the same remote! Helps a lot rather than carrying two remotes everywhere! Thanks for the chock collars!

Mini Educator E-Collar 1/2 Mile Remote Dog Trainer ET-300.

dog shock collar with remote We have 2 puppies and we just started using the PetTech shock collars. We purchased two sets rather than sharing one remote beteeen the two puppies. The remotes,and collars were easy to set up. The reaet button is very tiny and eas a bit difficult to set on my first attempt; however once i got the hang of it this wasn’t an issue. I’m happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this product based on performance and price.

Remote Dog Training: Dog Training Mat :

Works great. Great price. Don’t buy the expensive ones as this one will do the job. Like how it has different modes rather than just having to shock. Started with the beep, then progressed to vibrate then zapped. Only had to do it once and now when he hears the beep he immediately stops. Wished I would have purchased one of these long ago as he is a brand new dog that actually listens and comes back when called. Range of signal is true to stated yards. As Willie has been super far away and have been able to give him the warning and he comes running back. Suggest using setting 1 for shock to start with as it goes up to 100. Level 1 made him jump straight up with a yelp. May need a stronger level if dog is bigger. Battery life is great so far. The collar went 8 days before having to be recharged. The remote I haven’t charged in two weeks and still is going strong.

Mini Educator E-Collar 1/2 Mile Remote Dog Trainer ET-300 ..