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Okay, so my whole family has not ditched conditioner and shampoo; it’s just me.

Infused with pure honey, this strengthening shampoo and conditioner system helps protect your hair against damage that can make it look weak or dull. Our rich blends:

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Enter conditioners, which were designed to add moisture back into shampoo-parched hair. I know it sounds kind of gross, but read on to see how it’s actually good for your hair not to use shampoo or conditioner. In January I decided I was going to stop using those products. I am a pretty simple person, especially when it comes to hair and beauty products. But I can’t stand to have frizzy, dry and limp hair. In my very Hispanic family, healthy hair was of utter importance. It’s the first thing everyone comments on when you walk through the door (that and your weight).

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Typically, I blow dry my hair and then use a curling iron to get it styled just right. Though my hair holds a curl pretty well, I still use mousse or sea salt spray to get the style to last a few days. Going without shampoo, though, my hair held onto its own texture and there was a really even distribution of natural oils. Once I realized I didn’t need as much product in my hair, I used less and less, and then finally by the second week, no styling product at all (besides a heat protectant spray). This wound up being the best route to go, because using less styling products means you don’t have as much product build up in your hair, so you really don’t need more than a cleansing conditioner in the shower.

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That's when I discovered the internet's current favorite hair hack: the Reverse Wash System. Nope, that's not a button on your washing machine. It's actually a method to achieve more voluminous hair by applying conditioner shampoo. No expensive hair gadgets and potions necessary? Yes, please! So, with my battle against frizz and flat hair in mind, I set out to test the  for seven days, partnering with  shampoo and conditioner (or should I say "conditioner and shampoo"?) specially formulated for the new washing method.* I'll admit it—I was nervous to stray from traditional hair washing because deep conditioning after a light shampoo is my crutch that no one has been able to take away from me... until now. My fears? Post-shower tangles and puffy, frizzy hair after drying. So there you have it! It's your typical shower ... backwards. And while you already have everything you need, it's recommended to use a shampoo-conditioner combo that's specifically formulated for this purpose. After rinsing the shampoo from my hair, my hair felt slightly less moisturized than it does when I condition second. With hair-pulling and childhood trauma racing through my head, I searched for my wide-toothed comb with a sense of dread. So, did it hurt? Just see below to see for yourself how easily the comb went through my hair.Â