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We had kept reptiles for years. We had bred a few and had been able to sell everything we produced. It seemed like a no-brainer to turn our hobby into a real business. You know, with a name, a logo, some cards, and contact info. We thought we understood the nature of an online business. We studied other reptile related web sites and we thought, “We’re going to the next level!”

He started selling reptiles online in 2005, first through Craigslist and later switching to Facebook.

After selling homebred reptiles online for 10 years, Josh and wife, Sasha Hawley, decided their hobby-turned-business was drawing enough traffic that it could support a brick-and-mortar location.

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There's lots of online places specifically for selling reptiles Reptile Auctions and FaunaClassifieds - Site ... I wouldn't ship my snake, though.

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We are moving to Hawaii and snakes are not allowed there. We have had "Fuzzy" ('cause she's not) for about 17 years, and really want her to go to a good home. We're not concerned about getting a lot of $$, but want to be sure she goes to someone who will really want such a pet for the long run, not just as a fad right now. There's lots of online places specifically for selling reptiles and are a couple. Make sure when you list you have yourself covered as far as shipping because it's pricey. Proper packaging for the shipment of reptiles is critical and you really MUST ship them overnight, next day air, or 1-3 day (so long as you ship on a Monday so it won't sit in an uncontrolled warehouse over the weekend). You've never seen anything like it. The Expo Center in Philadelphia was packed. But the spectators were not there for a car show or a boat show. They were there for snakes.

Snakes and reptiles of all kinds were on display and some are even out in the open for anyone to touch.

"Can I pet it?" asked a child.

One vendor handed INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero a giant snake.

"She's strong," Guerrero commented.

The biggest attraction is the venomous snakes. Shockingly, many of these deadly serpents are packaged in flimsy plastic containers sealed only with tape.

Guerrero found it hard to believe that some could come in and walk right out with a venomous snake. But in less than five minutes and for just over a $100, Guerrero was able to purchase a deadly cobra.

"If someone took that snake to New York and it got loose in an apartment building, a single bite would be deadly," said Tom Hudak.

Hudak is a wildlife educator and venomous snake expert. He says while many dealers are responsible, not enough is being done to keep snakes like these out of the wrong hands.

"To sell this [snake] off the street in five minutes seems irresponsible," said Guerrero.

"I think it's reckless," said Hudak.

While it's legal to sell deadly snakes in Pennsylvania, it's a crime to transport and possess them in New York and many other states without a permit. But that's exactly what some snake enthusiasts do and the results can be deadly.

One set of Florida parents were recently found guilty of manslaughter after their starving pet python got loose and strangled their little girl. They quickly called 911, but it was too late.