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Old Town Trolleys Famous Nights of Lights Tour is an excellent way to see . This holiday spectacle of traditional white lights (some three million of them) has its roots, like everything in St. Augustine, in history. For the nearly 250 years that St. Augustine served as the capital of Spanish Florida, residents would place a lighted candle in their windows to mark the holiday season. Now the lights are electric, but they remain white, and they are dazzling to see as they decorate the wonderful old buildings, historic homes and bayfront vistas in the nation's oldest city. National Geographic magazine included St. Augustine's Nights of Lights in its recent list of the ten best places in the world to see holiday lighting displays.

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This article was originally written by Alex Pooler on November 15, 2013. It has been completely updated with current information for the 2016-17 Nights of Lights season.

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Merrick Classic Canned Dog Food | Friday Night Lights Feast Seasonal Recipe in Gravy Every year, bands play live music from the gazebo in the Plaza de la Constitucion for Light Up! Night. Showtime USA is the favorite band that plays at the Light Up? Night Ceremony, but there's frequently live music in the gazebo on weekend nights throughout the holidays. The festive atmosphere makes it easy to get in the spirit of the holiday season with Christmas songs and winter tunes. Relax and listen to the music, or grab a partner and dance to a merry tune.

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St. Augustine's Nights of Lights comes from the traditional Spanish practice of displaying a candle in windows during the Christmas holidays. Candles in the window allude to the biblical story where Mary and Joseph could find no room at the inn. When the Spanish put candles in their windows, they were symbolically making room in their homes and hearts for Jesus. It also reflects the welcoming attitude of the holiday season, welcoming guests to our home. The stunning lights reflect the city's over 450 years of history and illuminate the beautiful cityscape for lasting holiday memories. The city of St. Augustine has been celebrating Nights of Lights for more than 20 years, and this year is sure to be another one for the books.

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Change in day length is an important cue for reproductive activation in seasonally breeding animals to ensure that the timing of greatest maternal investment (e.g. lactation in mammals) coincides with favourable environmental conditions (e.g. peak productivity). However, artificial light at night has the potential to interfere with the perception of such natural cues. Following a 5-year study on two populations of wild marsupial mammals exposed to different night-time levels of anthropogenic light, we show that light pollution in urban environments masks seasonal changes in ambient light cues, suppressing melatonin levels and delaying births in the tammar wallaby. These results highlight a previously unappreciated relationship linking artificial light at night with induced changes in mammalian reproductive physiology, and the potential for larger-scale impacts at the population level.Using a time series of DMSP OLS images, we measured serial values of urban brightness as a proxy for relative population density [details in supporting online material (SOM) part 1] in three cities in Niger. We compared seasonal patterns of population density, as measured by brightness, to seasonally varying measles transmission parameters, as estimated from 10 years of weekly reported measles cases (). Last, we analyzed the spatiotemporal patterns of nighttime lights and measles incidence within the largest city of Niger.