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1 Archer fish(Toxotoes jaculatrix)
1 Spotted Puffer(Tatraodon nigroviridis)
1 Ruby Scat(Scatophagus argus)
6 Silver Scats(Scatophagus multifasciatus)
1 Whitetip Catfish(Arius jordani)
4 Sailfin mollies (Poecilia latipinna)
5 Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)
1 Australian Rainbow (Melantaenia
Aquaclear 110 hangon filter
Sealife Systems 200 wet/dry (Rio 2100 pump)with 55 gallon sump
Sea Clone 100 protein skimmer
2 Zoomed Powersweep power heads
2 36" powerglo fluorescents
1 48" powerglo flourescent

Sealife Systems protein skimmer. Not currently in use but will go with the aquarium.

Filtration provides life support to the inhabitants and helps to maintain healthy environmental conditions. Sealife systems present various freshwater filters like canisters or hang-on protein skimmer that uses a combination of filtering categories. Sealife systems best protein skimmer is a type of mechanical filtration used on saltwater aquariums. However it does not trap waste particles in an area where they are still exposed to the aquarium water. Generally sealife systems hang on protein skimmer collects waste in a chamber isolated from the aquarium water ready for disposal.

Sealife systems protein skimmer questions

Sealife Systems protein skimmer. Not currently in use but will go with the aquarium. Everything works great but I cant seem to get the protein skimmer to work?? I put it in the wet dry and plug it in and it sucks water up throught the tube then just pulsates there. Water runs out of the overflow tube and Ive messed with the air intake tube~adjusted it many times and just cant get it to mix enough air with the water?? Hase anyone had a sealife systems protein skimmer or have any suggestions.

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I just bought a 75 gallon tank USED tank ~Predrilled with a overflow box~Sealife Systems Wet/Dry with a Sealife Systems Protein Skimmer with a Maxijet 1200 and 2 Icecap ballast running 660 wtts of VHO's for $450.00~from alocal pet store.

sealife system impact Protein Skimmers™

At we house most of our fish in a 500 gallon system filtered by a Sealife Systems trickle filter for biological filtration, a Top Fathom six foot tall protein skimmer for removing dissolved organic compounds (DOC's), Dolphin Amp Master for the main return pump, a 120watt UV sterilizer and the addition of ozone to reduce water born pathogens. We run the fish holding systems at a temperature of 78 degrees, specific gravity of 1.025 to 1.026, pH of 8.2 , alkalinity of 3.5meq/l and try to maintain nitrates below 25ppm by 20% water changes monthly. We run copper sulfate 3.5-4.5ppm in our fish quarantine system.Most mechanical filters depending on the type of traditional filtering media collect particles that are from a fraction of a millimeter to over two millimeters in size. This may include material like pieces of sand, uneaten foods, fecal mater and any particles large enough to be trapped. However, Sealife systems best protein skimmer doesn't collect such large pieces, instead it operates on a molecular level.