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Saw this place on Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmern and of course the hubby wanted to check it out. It's a small shop where the locals all know the owner. He's such a sweet man too. We tried a bunch of items and now I regret...

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Thanks everyone. DH might want to check out some of those little mom and pop stores. He loves all kinds of ethnic food too (loves to have things we normally don't have at home), so I've been collecting posts about local favorites too. I'm guessing he'll be a happy camper vacationing in Kauai even without a seed shop.

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Mustard Seed Thrift Shop The last time we were in Hawaii in O'hau a trip highlight for DH were the seed shops a local friend took us too. Any crack seed stores / seed shops in Kauai you would recommend? I've hear that there are fewer of these around than there used to be in general. We are staying in , but will be doing a little traveling around, so it wouldn't have to be a south location.

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Hand-rolled, broiled, and wood-oven baked bagels star at this hip, tiny shop created by Noah Bernamoff of Mile End Deli and Matt Kliegman of The Smile. Don't forget to load up on smoked fish, homemade spreads, and of course, a warm cup of coffee.

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Get free seeds with every order you make from The Original Seeds Store! Our promo seeds are supplied direct from top cannabis seed breeders giving you a chance to try something new, for free, with every order you make. We give you quality, quantity and choice, choose from a selection of free strains in the shopping cart, the more you spend the more you can choose.The Mustard Seed Thrift Shoppe is a non-profit secondhand store owned and operated by the Monroe Congregational Church. It is located immediately next to the church on the beautiful historic Monroe Green. The best way to spice up any dreary winter day? Seed shopping, of course! (Alright, non-gardeners may not find this so spicy, but let us nerd out for a sec.)2. Swipe your Perks Card each time you shop at Shop 'n Save. Purchases will be automatically added to the linked school's total, contributing to the goal of $250 per student required to earn educational S.E.E.D assemblies.The Shop 'n Save® S.E.E.D. program will bring any program listed with this icon to your school at no cost to you. Shop ‘n Save has now made it even easier to earn your S.E.E.D assemblies. Simply go online and designate your school to receive the points you earn when you shop! No more collecting paper receipts!We went to the Crack Seed Shop after seeing it on Travel Channel's "Bizzare Foods". We were not disappointed. The relatively small shop is filled with 5 gallon glass jars filled with every unimaginable treat you can think of. From dried, sesame enchrusted, miniature whole...