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It was nice to have a pet back in the house, but it wasn’t so nice to have the chore of cleaning the litter box every night when I came home from work. It was equally less fun to tromp out into the woods to dump the clumps. So, it was natural for me to start wondering about automatic litter boxes. That wonder turned into a request, when the folks at contacted me to add their site to one of our links pages. I said sure and then asked if they might be interested in me writing a review of their ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box that they were selling on their site. I was intrigued by the sales blurb that hyped the fact that this litter box would require no human intervention for up to 30 days! Wow! They agreed to allowing me to write the review and now here’s the rest of the story…

The ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box received over 840 reviews with a 3.9 out of 5 star ranking.

I’ll be reverting back to my old method of manual litter box and daily cleanings. I cannot justify the cost, but for some people it might make sense. For example, we have a friend who had to give up her cats because she has a compromised immune system and the Doctor told her not to clean a litter box. With the ScoopFree, maybe she can get her pets back.

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(Forever Litter Trays®, Inc. is not affiliated with ScoopFree® or PetSafe®. ScoopFree® is a registered trademark of Petsafe®) The ScoopFree Lavender Disposable Crystal Litter Tray is pre-filled with lavender crystal litter and works with PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes. Just load the litter tray in the litter box for weeks with no scooping, cleaning or refilling! The crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste quickly to remove odors, while the light lavender scent is soothing for both you and your cat. The crystal litter is also low-tracking, 99% dust-free and lightweight. With the completely disposable tray and waste trap, you never see or touch smelly waste! Each tray has a plastic lining to help prevent leakage to protect your floors and includes a lid for easy disposal. Every few weeks, simply remove the litter tray, cover with the lid and dispose in the trash for quick, hygienic cleanup. Replace the litter tray and your ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box is just like new! Recommended tray replacement is at least once every 20-30 days for 1 cat, every 10-15 days for 2 cats, and every 7-10 days for 3 cats. More than 1 litter box is recommended if you have more than 2 cats.

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Put down the scoop! You don’t have to see, touch or smell unpleasant cat waste again when you choose the ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. This self-cleaning litter box takes care of all the messy work, so cleaning cat litter boxes will become a thing of the past. Lugging heavy litter, scooping up waste and trying to get rid of unpleasant odors all make managing cat litter boxes a hassle for pet parents. The ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box takes all of these chores off your hands. Just load a disposable litter tray into this automatic cat litter box and leave it for weeks at a time. After your cat steps out of the automatic cat litter box, a rake automatically sweeps waste into a covered trap, leaving the box clean and fresh. You can choose to delay the rake by 5, 10 or 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. After a few weeks of use, all you have to do is throw away the litter tray and add in a fresh one. The automatic cat litter box does the rest of the work. The ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box also comes with a range of accessories and features that make it even more convenient for you and your furry feline. A privacy hood gives your cat solitude and helps contain litter. Each disposable tray is made with a plastic lining that specifically works to prevent leaks. One of the best new features of these cat litter boxes is a health counter that tracks how often your cat uses the litter box. A quieter motor will also help the litter box be more welcome in your home. The recyclable packaging is just one more bonus for those who care about limiting their environmental footprint. A ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box can save you from one of a pet parent’s most unpleasant chores. Bring this litter box into your home so you can spend more time playing with your purrfect kitty.

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