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The City of Boston joins nationwide that have passed similar laws restricting the retail sale of pets. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from , where dogs are generally kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. Puppies born in mills are prone to illnesses that can be life-threatening and expensive to treat, and the unwitting consumers who purchase them are often left heartbroken.

Anyone know of any mini Dachshund puppies KC registered for sale available in July?

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What are your thoughts on banning the sale of puppies in pet stores? Let us know in the comments. The advent of technology has made it possible for dog buyers to find specific pedigreed breeds over the Internet. While this may certainly provide a convenient way to find a pet, buyers should be aware of the dangers. No state laws specifically govern Internet pet sales. Also, in the case of companies doing business in other states or even other countries, the choice of which state law applies in the event of a contract dispute is also present. Federal law is highly unlikely to apply in these cases (as the amount to get into federal court is currently at $75,000 for multi-state, or diversity, jurisdiction). The process of returning a defective pet to the company may be costly or impossible for the unhappy purchaser. The trauma of further transportation for the animal is likewise costly. Since purchasers are unlikely to inspect the premises from which they are purchasing the dogs, there is also a greater likelihood that they are buying from a disreputable “puppy mill.” (For a more detailed discussion Internet pet sales, .)

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Buyers should be aware that an implied warranty of merchantability only applies to sales from merchants. This term means someone who deals in goods of the kind or someone who holds him or herself out to have a particular knowledge in the field. Again, this will be determined by the factual circumstances of the sale. Generally, a merchant in the pet world is limited to a retail pet shop, a breeder, or someone who routinely sells multiple litters of puppies. A neighbor down the road who has to unexpectedly sell a litter of puppies from his dog will not be considered a merchant. (For a more detailed discussion of merchants, .)

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