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It was a fantastic tour that I wish everyone could go on. Royal Canin had nothing to hide from us. They strongly believe in research and what is best for the animal instead of giving in to fads and marketing. They answered all and any questions we had without hesitation. The overall feeling of the tour was positive, enlightening and of course fun.

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Due to blood in urine, I have been feeding my cats Royal Canin Urinary S/O for about 5 or 6 years. They each get 1/3 cup of dry in the morning and evening, and 1/4 can wet in the afternoon. All was well until about March 2017 when one cat was vomiting regularly. Vet did Xrays, bloodwork, etc. and no issues determined. Switched to a Royal Canin "bland" food which the wet worked fine but too much of the dry gave her diarrhea. Slowly mixed bland and S/O to get her back on track and it was fine. Then switched to all S/O and in 1 day she was vomiting again. Other cat seems to have no issues. I'm guessing Royal Canin had a formula change and it is detrimental to some animals. Used to be good, now cat vomits regularly.

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1000+ images about royal canin on Pinterest | Forts, Tes and Lol I have heard other related stories all caused by ROYAL CANIN. PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG THIS FOOD. Read the ingredients, all chemicals. My eyes are now opened! If you wouldn't eat it, don't let your pooch eat it. There are other dog food brands that provide healthier options. This food killed my dog, I now warn everyone about this brand. I am not the first pet owner whose dog went through bladder stones caused by Royal Canin, this brand should be recalled and taken off store shelves! I do not recommend this food to any animal, not even rats.

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One of the things we noticed was that there were beautiful pictures of pets hanging on the walls and the packaging area had windows to let the sun in. What we learned was that all of the pictures on the walls throughout the plant are employee pets and the pictures go through a rotation. The picture of the pet also stays in the same area that the owner works in. So if you work in the packaging area your pet’s professionally done photo will be rotated through that area. We also learned that all the pet’s images used in Royal Canin’s brochures, website, etc. are owned by employees of the company.

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