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Yes and no. Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar. Current feline prescription diets designed to treat diabetes (such as Hills m/d, Purina DM, and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Diabetic Formula) contain high protein levels and low carbohydrate levels because it is easier for the body to metabolize carbs into sugar. In my opinion the logic behind these diets is sound. But there is a rub.

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Poor kitty. Nobody likes to see their pet suffer from diabetes, but if your cat is, Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Glycobalance DS Dry Cat Food will make things easier. The special formula is loaded with L-Carnitine and antioxidants that boost health, and the right mix of nutrients keep glucose levels in check. The best news? It's tasty, too, so mealtime is still a special part of the day. A prescription is needed from your cat's vet for this dry food.

After trying many foods for diabetic cats, this one was a winner

Home · Veterinary Diets · Veterinary Diets For Cats · Royal Canin Veterinary Diets For Cats; Royal Canin Feline Diabetic Glycobalance (4.4 lb. Dry). Image 1. Even though most of the information on the web pushs the expensive low grain/low carb brands, our vet had us put Max on Fancy Feast classic (not the ones with gravy). We had him on Royal Canin for a long time without being able to get him stable without 2 units of injected insulin twice a day. Our vet is good about going to the various conferences and came back from one of diabetes and had us change him. I don't have the name of the vet that he gave me, but she's the expert in the States on feline diabetes and this is what she recommended at the conference. You probably could find out through your vet or a search online.

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There are several different companies that manufacture a feline diabetic diet. Royal Canin, Hills, and Purina all have cat prescription diets that include diabetic cat food.
All companies offer both dry and canned forms of their diabetic cat food diets. However, if you compare the carbohydrate content of different feline diabetic diets, you will find that not all diets are created equally:

My 11 year old cat was recently diagnosed Diabetic