5 Questions with Terry Myers of Kaleidoscope Toys - Round The Rock

Cut The Rope toys by Round 5
This review: Set of 12 micro figures and one candy/Om Nom reversible plushie
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Tomopop Interview: Damon Lau of Round 5 MMA talks toys - tomopop

"Round 5" president Damon Lau spoke with The Fight Nerd at New York Toy Fair 2013 about the latest toys coming out in 2013, including new Bruce Lee collectibles and a ton of new UFC toys!

5 Tips To Successfully Selling Toys on Amazon Year Round

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I had special guests and Amazon Toy Selling Experts Beth and Seth Maus for this special live show! Mother and Son team Beth and Seth shared their 5 Top Tips that help them sell toys full time on Amazon year round! These real-life actionable tips can be used NOW when you are sourcing products (toys) for your Amazon FBA business via Retail Arbitrage (buying toys at brick and mortar stores) but will also cross over into Online Arbitrage as well!

Some of the toy topics discussed were:

-Holiday and Seasonal
-Restrictions on brands and toys...and how much it truly affects toys selling on Amazon FBA
-Best Toy Sales Rank
-Using Toy Knowledge in OTHER AREAS as well!

Make sure to get something to take notes with so that you can write down all of this quality information about buying toys to sell online (and selling toys via Fulfillment By Amazon - FBA)!


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UFC World of MMA Champions Action Figures ..

Jimmy purchased the Round 5 MMA figures at the local Toys "R" Us. The first thing we noticed was the packaging. The packaging is quite large for a small product and comes with excellent artwork, included a large shot of the fighter and a foil UFC logo. Behind the figure, you can catch a glimpse of the fighter stats.

UFC World of MMA Champions Series 1 Set of 4 Action Figures.