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I believe that's all the information I have for now on Roborovski hamsters. If you have any questions or concerns about what I've said, please don't hesitate to comment below. Some things on here may be incorrect but these are things I've heard while researching them. Thank you for reading :)

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• When I started gathering information on Roborovskis, I noticed that there were hardly any web sites dedicated to Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters. The web sites that did mention this hamster were so few in number that I thought it would be nice to have a site about Robos only. So I started one...

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Dwarf Roborovski Hamster - click on image to find information about this hamster. hamsters have well-developed chemosensory mechanisms to facilitate their nocturnal lifestyle. A range of scents are produced to mark their environments. These scents are derived from urine, feaces, vaginal secretions, and secretions from two specialized glands: the mid-ventral gland and the sacculus. The midventral gland is larger in males. Although the odors from midventral gland secretions and faeces are important as mating attractants, urine marking remains the most common method for Roborovski's desert hamsters of both sexes to find potential mates. Urine marking is done most often by males hamsters when another male's urine is present. The obligate olfactory-binding protein released for urine-mediated chemosignals is termed roborovskin. It belongs to the lipocalin protein superfamily and shows no polymorphism between sexes or individuals. Roborovskin is involatile, thus its chemical signal is resistant to decay. Roborovski's desert hamsters spend more attention sniffing conspecific urine than that of more evolutionarily distant rodent species within their range, indicating how informative this line of communication is. A study with the related has shown that vision is used primarily while foraging for seeds and during predatory events towards insects. Auditory and olfactory senses contribute to a lower extent. In the absence of vision, auditory input contributes to a greater extent than olfaction.

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You need to know there is more than one type of hamster. There are Syrians, which are the most common, and dwarves. There are different kinds of Syrians such as Teddy Bears and Goldens. For dwarves, there are Roborovskis and Russians. Read for more information. You’ll want to pick a type of hamster that most appeals to you.

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This video contains essential tips and facts for all roborovski dwarf hamster owners. The information covered in this video includes: How long do robo hamsters live? How big are roborovski hamsters? What are roborovski hamsters like? Can roborovski hamsters be tamed? How to pick up a robo dwarf hamster.Please keep in mind that the food issues I'm discussing on this particular post are Roborovski-specific, and if you have a different species of dwarf hamster, such as a Chinese dwarf, you need to look elsewhere for information on what is safe for them to eat. Some dwarf hamster species are prone to issues such as diabetes and cannot eat certain foods, such as fruits, and should be fed differently from a Robo.