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Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Casserole is rich, creamy and the perfect comfort food. Easy to make, this is the ultimate dinner for cheese lovers!

A chicken casserole with a rich and creamy sauce and crispy buttery topping!

Coq au vin is a traditional French dish that is — literally — chicken in wine. Cooking the chicken in France’s favorite libation gives the meat its deep, rich flavor and (bonus!) also yields a delicious sauce. This casserole showcases those flavors perfectly. Serve this atop cooked noodles, or alongside a loaf of crusty French bread for a delicious, rustic dinner. Bon appetit!

Rich Mediterranean Chicken Casserole Recipe

Asiago, Fontina and blue cheeses add rich, creamy flavor to this chicken and pasta casserole. Over the years at Recipe4Living, the chicken casserole has become one of the most popular dishes for our readers. We can’t blame them! There’s something so satisfying about creamy soup mixed in with rich chicken, and other ingredients, and then baked to become a comforting casserole. Keep reading for 25 of our best chicken casserole recipes.

Rich Chicken Noodle Casserole | Rodale's Organic Life

- This rich casserole is very creamy, but simple to throw together.

- Rich, hearty and a real winner at banquets and potlucks. It's even low fat, but you'd never know it!

- Wonderful low-carb dish with lots of flavor easy to prepare and a light brown topping that will make your mouth water!
- This curried chicken and broccoli casserole is very unique and rich!

- I've been making this recipe for over 20 years. Everyone I've made it for loves it and asks for the recipe.

- This Mexican chicken and rice casserole be made from leftovers or with fresh chicken. It's great with chicken but you can also use other meats of your choice!

- This luscious chicken casserole has a smooth and delicate flavor that is downright addictive!

- This is definitely one of my favorite comfort foods in the winter months. It is quick and easy to prepare and very satisfying. Just add a salad, vegetable side and a roll and you have a feast!

- This chicken and potato casserole recipe is an easy, updated version of a family favorite loaded with meat, potatoes, cheese, and lots of flavor. Great for a family meal or to take to a covered dish event.

- I had a bag of chicken ravioli on hand that I wanted to use in a casserole. I looked for a recipe and couldn't find one, so I improvised and came up with this recipe. It is really easy and tastes great!

- This quick, easy and delicious family casserole is a complete meal. It's colorful, nutritious and full of great Caribbean flavors.

- The Italian dressing in this chicken Parmesan casserole gives the chicken zing and keeps it moist. Smoked mozzarella will add another layer of flavor. Is your mouth watering too?

- Make this ahead of time and just stick it in the oven for dinner!
- Serve this simple casserole with green beans.

- This casserole is a favorite for kids!

- This is not the creamy chicken casserole you're accustomed to!

- This is the easiest chicken casserole ever!

- This is the easiest chicken casserole you'll ever make!

- This yummy casserole only has 5 ingredients and your family will love it!
- This creamy casserole is to die for!

- This deliciously creamy casserole is great for the whole family!
- This casserole has a Mexican flavor to it!
- This recipe uses light Alfredo sauce and delicious vegetables to make a healthier version of your typical chicken casserole.
- Kids will love this cheesy chicken noodle casserole!

- If you like macaroni and cheese, you'll love this chicken casserole!

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