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At Navigate, our innovative baby gate for stairs will ensure the complete safety of your child, preventing them from venturing too far into hazardous places and situations, and avoiding injury of any kind. What separates our child safety gates for stairs from others is that they’re designed and built with the strongest baby in mind and are completely portable – allowing you to take our retractable stair gate wherever you need to go.

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Protect your kids with the best baby gate. Here you’ll find best baby gates for top of stairs, retractable gates, walk through or extra long baby gates for wide doorways or openings.

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Retract-A-Gate has been tested to exceed the European safety standards of EN1930:2011 for safety gates and enclosures. We hope our overview, of these retractable baby gates, has helped you to make your baby gate pick. We found the very best retractable baby gate after analysing the best sellers reviews. Prices were lesser of an issue, because they can vary a lot in time and don’t specifically act as an indicator for quality. That is why our priority is quality. To make sure our favorite pick can cover the need of the most demanding parent, we picked the baby gate that can be used in any case as best retractable baby gate. This includes that there is only one baby gate that has all the features mentioned in section 2: easy to use/install, appealing design, the use of brackets to install, no needed drilling, the max. width (for most cases), robust material, high safety level, installable everywhere indoors and weather resistant for outdoor conditions.

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Okay, I *think* that's all the information/questions about the spiral staircase and retractable mesh gates I can possibly provide/ask. Your feedback will be most appreciated!

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Retract-A-Gate's mesh material is nice and soft for her little guy as he walks along the baby safety gate. We purchased the Stair Banister Adapter Kit so we wouldn't have to drill into our wooden newel posts. These two retractable baby gates work so well for both the top and bottom of our stairs that they'll be getting two more Retract-A-Gates for our other set of stairs!I am the mother of 2 young children in a house with stairs. I have a relatively wide stairway and have tried using multple gates both at the top of the stairs and at the bottom (to prevent my crawler from getting hurt). I was tired of tripping over gates myself or shimmying between the gate openings. This was particulary hard when carrying anything or when it wasn't very bright. I ended up hurting myself pretty badly after tripping at the base of the stairs because of the gate. It was then that I began researching a retractable gate that uses a single hand to open/close. I love the idea of a mesh gate that could neatly disappear when not in use and one that I wouldn't have to end up at Home Depot looking for adjustments to get into my banister.