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The risks for transmission of spp. from reptiles to humans can bereduced by thoroughly washing hands with soap and water after handling reptiles or objectsthat have been in contact with reptiles and by preventing reptile contact withfood-preparation areas. Children aged less than 5 years and immunocompromised personsshould avoid direct and indirect contact with reptiles. Reptiles also should not be keptin homes of persons with children aged less than 1 year and in child care facilities (seebox). All pet store personnel and reptile owners should be aware that reptiles can carryand transmit spp. Pet stores are in a unique position to educateconsumers because reptile owners obtain most of their information about their pet from petstore personnel. CDC and the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) have developededucational posters and brochures for use by veterinarians and pet stores on safe petreptile handling.*

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Wisconsin is home to 19 species of amphibians (frogs and salamanders) and 37 reptiles (snakes, turtles and lizards). Of these, seven are listed as endangered, one is threatened and 21 are listed as special concern. Additionally, the eastern massasauga is a candidate for federal listing. For detailed information on the rare amphibian and reptile species in the state, including photos and life history information, please see

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The Reptiles and Amphibians in Captivity site collects longevity and breeding information. Feel free to leave your own comments or new information on any of these Amazon Rainforest reptiles. Have you seen them in the wild? What are your opinions about the pet trade in exotic animals?

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The western Amazon Rainforest, found in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and western Brazil, has the highest diversity of reptiles in South America and there is a comparatively low amount in the eastern Amazon. There are many different types of reptile found in the forest and to read more about Amazon reptiles you can see , or . In this article, I will mention some of the rarer species with a few others commonly encountered. Many species lack scientific descriptions about their behavior and natural history, and there is a wealth of information still to be obtained.

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Visible light, including UVA, is essential. Many reptiles have extremely good color vision. Humans have three types of retinal cone cells for color vision, and their brains combine the information from these cells and perceive the blend as a certain color. Most reptiles, however, have a fourth cone type, which responds to UVA. These reptiles see a much more colorful rainbow than humans do, which makes providing natural lighting quite a challenge. This extra color perception is especially important to many reptile species in recognizing others of their species and even food items.The goal of this website is to improve public awareness of reptile and amphibian issues and to improve the quality of care to injured wildlife and captive animals. Site contains wildlife rehabilitation information and animal care sheets, as well as a nice section on resources that could be adapted for use in veterinary practices.