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First and foremost, any one that keeps Crested Geckos should already be familiar with the Crested Gecko Meal Replacement Powder, often shortened as simply “MRP”. This food is the most commonly recommended diet for any captive Rhacodactylus species, simply due to how complete it is as a diet. When Rhacodactylus species such as Crested Geckos were originally kept in captivity, the diets offered to them were traditionally centered around various combinations of supplements and baby food. The Repashy MRP diet eliminates the need to mix up your own food, and instead rely on the expertise of someone who has maintained and bred and extensive colony of geckos. The Day Gecko specific MRP is a diet designed along similar lines, but with the specific needs of Phelsuma species in mind. The use of these diets makes care of the geckos much simpler – very much along the lines of maintaining a dog or cat, in that you simply prepare the commercial diet rather than seeking out various live food items. It is recommended to include live prey items in your geckos’ diet, but it is possible to maintain Crested Geckos entirely on the Repashy MRP diet alone.

The diet used is Repashy Crested Gecko Diet, it is a complete diet that can be fed exclusively!

Please note, that I put this together in a couple of hours, and this is by no means a proven theory. I do believe that what I have found warrants a closer look by someone who has the time to dig deep into the research that has been done on Uric Acid storage by Cockroaches fed high protein diets. I would like to invite others to look deeper into this idea and report your own conclusions.

Cheers, Allen Repashy

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This is the same as the Repashy diet, they just repackage it with a different label. Pangea diet is fully complete and has everything a gecko needs, so use it and you'll have no problems repashy is ok too if a gecko would eat it, most won't.

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The exact diet of your tortoise will vary a bit based on it’s species, so further research is recommended. In general, there are 2 basic classes of tortoises when it comes to what they consume – leafy vegetation eaters and fruit eaters. Many tortoises thrive on grasses and the like, while others require fruit, and even a bit of animal matter. At Josh’s Frogs, we carry the following products that are suitable to be part/all of your pet tortoise’s diet: Tortoise Pellets (Exo Terra, Rep-Cal, T-Rex), Exo Terra Cup Diet, Repashy Grassland Grazer, Repashy Veggie Burger, Timberline Reptile Cactus, and Timberline Reptile Salad.

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Also, the guy that actually makes this food has a forum... You can always ask the guy himself.... It's always been really strange for me to see people ask questions about the repashy diet on another forum :PAll of these are available from Jabberwock Reptiles. Jabberwock Reptiles is the leading retailer in the Boston area to buy Repashy Gecko Diets packaged foods. We sell and restock our inventory often so you can always be assured of getting a fresh batch and not old or expired product.