This kit fits all models including the original Rena Filstar XP an

AAP/Rena API Filstar XP Canister Filter; The large media capacity XPS, XPM,XPL, XPXL. Parts; Micro Pad, Filter Clips, Foam, Bio-Chem Stars, Bio-Chem Zorb, Impeller Replacement parts for API FILSTAR XP S, M, L, XL (or RENA FILSTAR xP1, xP2, xP3, and xP4) canister filters Includes 1 inlet pipe, 1 inlet pipe cap, 1 strainer, 2 The API FilStar XP S canister filter is an extremely powerful aquarium filter for freshwater Click here to download the instruction manual from API's website Filstar Xp Instructions The API Filstar XP-L is an ultra-powerful multi-stage filter designed to It primes in seconds, without the need for hand-pumping or messy How to prime and set up the rena xp3 filter, as well as maintain. In the filter: Biochem and activated carbon, two super fine filter pads, 20 pip, 30 pip RENA FILSTAR XP2 CANISTER FILTER MANUAL. Rena Filstar Xp3 Rena Filstar Canister Filter Manual Please refer to the instruction manual. Rena Filstar Buy API Filstar XP Canister Filter Replacement Parts and Media starting at $5.79. $6.99 Flat Rate Shipping on most orders or Free Shipping Over $75 with code on

Again that doesn't look like standard XP3 plumbing parts supplied by Rena.

I have a few rena xp3's and all of them came with plenty of pieces to make a long intake. I would check the parts you got against the parts list on the manual.

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Jul 26, 2011 - Replacement rotor shaft bearing for the XP3. Buy Now Get 15% OFF · Click here for more information about Rena Parts XP3 Impeller. Set up> Fluval has the edge in setup. The Rena is ultimately more flexible, but at the cost of setup complexity. There are about 20 pieces in the intake/exhaust system alone. The intake tube consists of a u-tube (and incorporates the standpipe for priming), which connects to the variable-length siphon tube (four-five individual pieces), and then to the screen. Exhaust is comprised of a u-tube, and an assortment of elbows, extensions, outlets (spraybar or jet), flow control, etc. All the parts have tapered ends to allow a friction fit except a very few that snap together. All parts are opaque. Exhaust is black. Intake is a bluish charcoal. I prefer black or transparent. Fluval parts are translucent charcoal (1pc. siphon tube) and medium gray (hoses, exhaust jet, couplers). The Fluval comes with a weird convoluted hose and special tank-side couplers that I don't particularly like, but they DO work well. I just prefer things to stay "standard", so repair parts and modifications are easier (like adding an in-line heater or sterilizer). The Xp3 comes with a set 4'-5' thick walled vinyl tubing. It's kind of a frosty translucent blue. Nice tubing. The fitting on the Rena pump and accessories are all barbs. The system includes locking plastic hose clamps. Have a towel or pair of pliers handy when you install them, they are kinda sharp and hard to close tightly (a good thing, ). The Fluval uses the aforementioned special coupler on the tank-side accessories and uses plastic threaded compression fittings. In both filters' cases, leak tight operation is simple to achieve. Both units use captivated o-ring seals on the pump/case interface, so there is no worry about twisted or pinched seals.

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