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I am in the process of designing my sump and refugium for my 225 gallon mixed reef tank. I am going to have a 55 gallon tank for the sump and a 30 gallon tank for the refugium. My tank has two overflows so I plan on directing one to the sump and one to the refugium. The refugium will feature an overflow which will return water to the sump. The return pump will be in the middle of the sump and will be connected to the return pipes of both overflows. I have included a diagram of what I have planned. Sorry if its difficult to follow, I don't claim to be a good ms paint artist.

The ZeroEdge refugium sump is designed for our classic ZeroEdge overflowing aquariums but they can be great on a standard reef aquariums.

One of the best sumps I've built this year. It's 60" x 23" x 16" made with 3/8" cast acrylic. Normal drains are installed, plus alternate sock holders for those extra cleaning days. A media tray to hold floss was requested, and probe holders, dosing tube holders and a float switch bracket are included. A large refugium on the left side provides a good area for macro algae and pod production. The reef aquarium plumbs directly into the 1" slip bulkhead connections on the sump for easy set up.

New 20 gal sump refugium design, what yall think

Therefore, i wanna incorporate a frag tank and a refugium into the sump but i'm concern about the flow of nutrients so i have 2 designs I designed with a refugium on the right side, and the return on the left. Below are a couple of pictures of the sump as it was built. One error was caught by another reefer (Thanks Kev!), and has been fixed, even though the picture doesn't show it.

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This is called a "weir". It will hang on the wall of the tank, half inside and half outside. The water will flow over the wall of the tank, and drain via flexible tubing into the sump/refugium located beneath the tank. This picture lets you see the basic design. It is 8" wide, has a 1.5" trough inside the tank, and a 3" trough outside. It still needs the necessary plumbing parts connected to the larger side, and then it is complete.

The design and installation of a 55 gallon sump/refugium.

If you're planning a refugium in the sump, there is no reason to make it as bigas possible. Throw in a DSB (deep sand bed), rubble rock, some macro algae, anda grow light. You'll end up with a great refugium design and your tank will love you for it. Because it is separate from the main system yet shares the same water, the sump/refugium can also be used as a nifty acclimation tank for new arrivals or a handy isolation tank for separating incompatible specimens. For seahorse keepers, the refugium compartment of a divided sump or dual chamber sump makes an ideal grow-out tank for juvenile seahorses that have outgrown their nurseries but are still too small to be kept in the main tank. A dual-chamber sump is a very versatile design that lends itself to multiple purposes. Use your imagination.There are many advantages to adding a sump to your seahorse setup. For starters, it increases the overall water volume of your system with all the benefits that implies. A good-sized sump can easily double your carrying capacity, increasing your safety margin accordingly. It makes an ideal place to put a protein skimmer, heater(s), air stones, and other equipment so they don't have to be hidden in the display tank. (A well-designed sump does a great job of trapping and eliminating the microbubbles emitted from skimmers and preventing them from entering the aquarium, and provides an excellent way of increasing the aeration/oxygenation, which is so important for a seahorse setup.) It's the perfect place to perform additional mechanical and chemical filtration, tailoring the filter media to meet ones exact needs, or to add a calcium or nitrate reactor or even a Deep Live Sand Bed (DLSB) to your seahorse setup. Because the sump is a large body of water separated from the aquarium itself, it facilitates water changes, dosing supplements, adding top-off water to the tank and other maintenance tasks, all of which can be carried out in the sump without disturbing the main tank or stressing its inhabitants. Entire sections of the mechanical filtration can be cleaned at one time without affecting your primary biofilter, and water changes can be performed gradually without causing stress to the fish or invertebrates. A sump/refugium can also be used to grow a lush bed of macroalgae using a reverse lighting cycle to stabilize the pH and absorb wastes.Design A. Using a single overflow, routing the whole water flow through the skimmer, then refugium sections of the sump. I have noticed that this design would limit the height of the refugium section to the maximum water height recommended by the skimmer manufacturer (usually around 9").