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Within the European Union, safety reflectors for pedestrians must be certified to comply with the CE EN 13356 safety standard. This standard is specifically for "loose, reflective accessories for personal use". There are other standards for other types of reflectors such as safety vests and reflectors on bicycles.

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Shop our large selection of name brand reflective safety vests by manufacturers like OccuNomix, Radians, PIP, Pyramex, ML Kishigo, ERB Safety, Ergodyne, and more. Reflective safety vests are available in both ANSI class rated and non-ANSI rated styles in high visibility orange and yellow/lime. We have reflective safety vests in colors that also include blue, black, white, red, and pink.

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Safety Depot carries the largest selection of orange safety vests anywhere! Our reflective, hi visibility orange vest choices range from top safety to mesh and non-ANSI .

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The bright florescent yellow high vis vests are highly breathable and easily establish a bright, high contrast silhouette, and complements the reflective tape placed strategically on the vest. Blauer safety vests are certified to the high visibility standard ANSI 207-2011 and ANSI 107-2010 Class 2 for their garments, which are required by MUTCD, ensuring a standard of safety that is to be expected from public safety officials and law enforcement professionals.

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Staying visible in an emergency allows you to keep your group together or to be found in a distressed building. High visibility clothing such as reflective vests, can be a variety of colors. Reflective strips will help visibility, possibly saving a life in an emergency.From classic reflective safety vests to ANSI compliant Class 2 Safety Vests, get the best deals on the best gear from Safety Depot, your premiere hi visibility vest supplier. Check out our huge selection of safety gear including reflective jackets, public safety vests, sweatshirts, pants, shirts, hats and belts.Our high-visibility reflective vests available in top quality Class 2 standard and are made up of 100% polyester. These jackets are usually enabled with zip front closure and 2 flap pockets and inside pockets for better convenience.A 2009 Australian study of drivers trying to see stationary cyclists on a closed circuit found that fluorescent vests (without retro-reflective stripes) were not a significant improvement on black clothing at night, and that retro-reflective strips were more effective when attached to knees and ankles than on a more or less static jacket.