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55 Gallon Turtle Tank Setup with Cichlids and Feeder Fish
Zoomed Floating Turtle Log

Tank Residents:

2 Red Eared Sliders
Peninsula Cooter
Southern Painted Turtle
2 Tiger Oscars
Plenty of Rosy Red Minnows & Goldfish

Red Eared Sliders(Waffle n Pancake) 55g Tank setup with turtle topper.

How to Set up A Turtle Tank for Mini Musk Turtles or Red Eared Sliders. I've been waiting over a year to set up this tank until we moved into our new house where I would have a dedicated fish room. Now I can focus on breeding these Mini Musk turtles and may expand into some more turtle setups. I kind of want a Red Eared Slider tank as well. I make a DIY Turtle Dock out or cork bark as well.

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Red eared slider turtle tank setup - YouTube

Turtle babies setup on Pinterest | turtle tanks, red eared slider and… .. Updated my original setup for my 40 gallon tank for my red-eared slider. This setup uses duel filters: a Whisper 40i (hanging waterfall) and a submerged AquaClear 50. This tank stays crystal clear (minus the glass) for weeks at a time and creates a small whirpool in the water. Raised the water level to approx 10-11" and the turtle seems to have plenty of room to swim since the basking area floats.

Red Eared Slider - Turtle Tank Setup - Duration: 4:31




Turtle Diary Tuesday...

Turtle Diary, Setting up a Turtle Tank in the 90 gallon.

How Often Should I Feed My Fish? Don't overfeed your fish.

Turtle Diaries

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TURTLE POWER- (If I could remember the words to the old Ninja Turtle Rap- I would have put them in this video as well). Red-eared sliders, Look- I wouldn't have purchased these if I saw them in the store- but the fact that they were in horrible conditions and that I know I have a killer home, and basically all of the equipment and food to keep turtles. I grabbed them. They instantly acted happier once I got their 75 setup. I will admit this was a semi-impulse buy and I DON'T recommend buying anything alive on a whim. I actually looked up a bunch about them before calling the lady who had these turtles. Turns out they can be found almost all over the US. More so in the southern states....My research showed that then need like a 75 AQUARIUM PLANT Diet (what I read talked about a bunch of other unnatural foods like spinach and dandelion leaves...which I am not planning on feeding these guys.) As you can imagine- I have TONS of Duckweed and Salvinia for these guys. It's nice for me to know the I can "Recycle" or feed sweet Turtles what they would naturally be eating in the wild- can you say perfect? LET ME KNOW what you know about Red-eared slider turtles! Turtle Tank on! Turtle Power!

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Video 1 of 3 red eared slider custom turtle tank setup Deep Dive