It's day 5 now and My Red Devil still hasn't eaten.

The Red Devil Cichlid will eat most everything you give them. This includes flakes, cichlid pellets, frozen foods, worms, crickets, and live feeder fish. Use caution when feeding feeder goldfish because of the disease element. Try to provide a balanced diet for them and not too much of the same foods all the time.

the Red Devil Cichlid will generally eat all kinds of live, fresh, and flake foods.

The Red Devil Cichlid has been extensively bred in captivity. This cichlid is an open spawner with a patriarch-matriarch family. Typical of open spawners, they prefer to spawn on inclined substrates. The spawn is usually around 600-700 eggs which are a transparent, amber-yellow color. The female takes care of the initial brood. With temperatures of 77° F (25° C), the larvae hatch after about 3 days. After another 5-7 days they become free swimming. They can be nourished with Artemia nauplii. At 2-3 weeks old the young will also graze on their parents skin for additional food. See a general description of cichlid breeding habits in: .

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Jump to Foods and Feeding - Since they are omnivorous the Red Devil Cichlid will generally eat all kinds of live, fresh, and flake foods Purchase live food at a fish store or easily raise some at home to supplement your cichlid's diet. Crickets and feeder roaches are among the easiest populations to maintain for feeding your red devil, but you can also use earthworms, nightcrawlers, shrimp or feeder fish.

I've got a nine month old solo 6 inch Red Devil in a 75g

Your red devil also enjoys fresh vegetables in his diet. Use a lettuce clip to attach vegetables to the side of the tank for easy cleanup. Broccoli, lettuce and cucumber slices are all appropriate fresh, living food for your cichlid. You can also drop a few cooked peas or carrots in the tank. Be sure to feed only as much as your red devil will consume in a few hours and remove the leftovers to prevent uneaten food from soiling the tank.

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The Red Devil is an omnivore. They prefer a balanced diet of foods such as Cichlid pellets, ocean plankton, quality flake food, and occasional brine shrimp or bloodworms.Aquarists with previous experience with cichlids and cichlid breeding typically find the Red devil cichlid quite easy to breed. As with any fish, the best preparation is to keep your Red devil cichlids in a large and decorated aquarium with ideal water conditions, and feed them suitable food. An increased water temperature can induce spawning in Red devil cichlids, so increasing the temperature to 24-28° C (75-82° F) is a good idea.