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The million dollar question is the market price. As Fisher puts it, “We don’t think of the red crab as a substitute for the blue crab, which has its own value and its own market. The red crab can occupy a niche all its own.”

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With higher prices paid by U.S. importers on processed product, King Crab imports excluding Argentine red crab were 2.309mm lbs. in May which is 6% more than May 2014. However, King crab imports excluding Argentine red crab year to date are -35% lower at 6,924mm lbs. vs. 10,716mm lbs. in 2014.

Price and production volume of red king crab has.

Maryland Red Crab Soup Quantity of (4) one pint container Price: $36.00 SKU 010 So it was a substantial increase over last year and primarily that was due to the crackdown on illegal fishing in Russia which resulted in a reduced influx of Russian crab into the US. So as supplies diminished the price rose and it became a very favorable market for us. It’s been a long effort and it’s very satisfying to see some payoff.

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Prices of both Norwegian and Russian live King crab were up in March with Russian King crab prices approaching Norwegian pricing of $36.68/kg. This gives the Russian producers no incentive to process for the frozen market. Russia is delivering Red and Blue King crab while Norway only Red King crab.

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Large Red King crab from Alaska and Russia are the bargains of 2016. Comparing prices from January through April the jumbo and large 4/7, 6/9,and 9/12 count Red King crab prices are flat or slightly down. On the other hand medium and small King crab are up 6-10% this year depending on size. On Snow crab the same holds true. With the prices of large Opilio close to Alaska Bairdi Snow crab, one can see value in trading up.The duel pricing level for Red and Gold king crab market is a reality and will continue in 2016. Both Alaska Red and Gold King crab are selling well at prices significantly above Russian King crab.The 2015 Alaska Bering Sea Red King crab fishery is completed and the fleet has moved on to the 2015/6 Bairdi and Opilio Snow crab. Demand from Japan buyers for Bairdi Snow crab has been strong and initial shipments have been with prices up 4% on large size crab and 14% on small size vs. last season.The King Crab market in the U.S. has clearly taken a duel pricing system this fall with Alaska Red and Gold King crab being priced and selling significantly above Russian crab due to high cost, limited supply, and strong retail demand for the holidays.