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With any outdoor playpen, you need to consider predators like Hawks, Dogs and Cats that think that a bunny makes a good snack. At night you need to worry about raccoons and possum (Opossum), they too will eat a rabbit, or at least part of it.

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A playpen offers a safe exercise area for your pet and can be used indoors or outdoors to safely contain your pet. A small animal playpen offers an economical, practical and spacious alternative to standard rabbit cages for housing a rabbit indoors. The Marshall Small Animal playpen comes in two sizes suitable for rabbits: or . Both can be expanded by purchasing additional interlocking panels or another pen. Panels measure 18” wide x 29” high to prevent rabbits from jumping over, and are are fitted with vertical bars with a 1” spacing, making it impossible for rabbits to squeeze through. The 8-panel pen also comes in a mini-version that is 18” wide x 20” high. These pens are also suitable for other small animals such as guinea pigs and ferrets. An optional waterproof base mat can also be added for indoor use to prevent your pet from digging or messing on your carpet. When used outdoors, the mat doubles up as a protective cover, offering protection from predators and shields your bunny from the sun. The mat attaches to the wire bars with velcro to hold it firmly in place. The playpen is quick to assemble and folds down for easy storage. It is fully portable, and this is made even easier with an optional handy Marshall play pen tote bag.

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Guinea Pig Playpen Rabbit Hutch With Outdoor Run Small Animal House Wire New A fenced-in yard may look like a safe environment for bunny to play, but there are many things to consider before bunny ventures outdoors. First of all, rabbits are much smaller than they appear and can easily disappear through small gaps in fences or plants. Parasites such as fleas (yes, rabbits get fleas), toxic plants, and pesticides, are some other dangers to be on the look-out for. Then there's that natural propensity rabbits have for using their front legs to dig, dig, dig. Though not all bunnies are diggers, you may not know you have a digger until it's too late.

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First of all, it's terribly unsafe to just open the door and let a rabbit outside. A free-running bunny faces severe consequences: risks such as getting lost, getting hit by a car, or becoming a neighbor dog's plaything. A rabbit's outdoor running space should always be enclosed and within human hearing at all timesThe mere presence of a preditor can frighten a rabbit to death, so vigilence is important.). Shade and water should also be provided.

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Welcome to our picture library of outdoor rabbit hutch designs and rabbit playpen styles. Here you'll see over 150 various hutches and playpens made for the small bunny to the large rabbit.In choosing the right playpen for your pet rabbit. First you must decide where you will place your pet, outside on your lawn, or inside your house. Usually playpens for inside the house for indoor play. The rabbit playpens are much cheaper than outdoor rabbit playpens. But outdoor playpens are much larger in size if you choose which will mean a larger area for your pet to play.