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This French type of collar, a chain of couples of broomcods linked by jewels, is seen in the contemporary portrait of Richard II, with Richard's own of the white hanging below (the angels accompanying the Virgin also wear Richard's livery badges). The same collar was worn by on the way to his . During the sitting of the in 1394 the complaints of against Richard II are recorded, one of his grievances being that the king had been wearing the livery collar of his uncle , and that people of the king's following wore the same livery. To which the king answered that soon after the return from (in 1389) of his uncle, the duke, he himself took the collar from his uncle's neck, putting it on his own, which collar the king would wear and use for a sign of the good and whole-hearted love between them, even as he wore the liveries of his other uncles. Livery collars of the king of France, of and of the dukes of and Lancaster are recorded amongst the royal plate and jewels which in the first year of Henry IV had come to the king's hands. The inventory shows that Queen Anne's collar, was made up of sprigs of garnished with . The York collar had and , and the Lancaster collar was doubtless that Collar of Esses used by the duke's son, (Henry IV), as an earl, duke and king.

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A Safe Cat Night Glowing Dark Cat Collars will keep your favorite cat safe while looking stylish. When this collar is exposed to light, the pigments within the collar glow at night! In addition to this illumination, this collar also has a bell that can help you identify the location of your cat. It has a pivoting breakaway buckle for optimal safety. These collars are available in the following designs/colors: purple leopard, pink queen, orange flowers, lime skulls, and blue fish.

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Ravishing Red Queen Reptile Collar, Jewelry, necklace aluminum reptile glam, Gothic These comfortable theatrical feather collars are great for dramatic tribal belly dance performances, including Raqs Gothique and so much more! Amazing with cosplay, steampunk, fantasy and other theatrical costumes! And they are the absolute best wicked witch or evil queen feather collars you’ll find. Loved by drag queens and glamorous belly dance divas alike! Premium quality construction, too!

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An alternative truss construction uses two (or queen-posts). These vertical posts, positioned along the base of the truss, are supported by the sloping sides of the truss, rather than reaching its apex. A development adds a collar beam above the queen posts, which are then termed queen struts. A section of the tie beam between the queen posts may be removed to create a .

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Beautiful, elegant and cold as winter like the snow queen herself. High neck collar of leather and silver lace, adorned with Swarovski crystals, glasshalloweencrafts: DIY Queen of Hearts Card Collar Tutorial from The Joy of Fashion. Clever and easy card collar tutorial made out of stapled cards and then bobby pinned to your hair.halloweencrafts: DIY Queen of Hearts Card Collar Tutorial from The Joy of Fashion. Clever and easy card collar tutorial made out of stapled cards and then bobby pinned to your hair.Check out these great Queen of Hearts costume ideas and DIY tutorials we have collected for you, which range from DIY Queen of Hearts headpiece and pleated cuffs to Queen of Hearts lace gloves. Choose your favorite from this list and customize it with your own idea. You will be the hit of this Halloween party!