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Purchased a new PUR Faucet Water Filter about a year ago. Did not have a problem with it until a month ago. When I run water directly, without using the filter, the flow is very slow. I have to flip to use the filter, and then back again, to get a regular flow from the faucet. It is very annoying. I contacted PUR, and they told me I must send the unit back to PUR with the purchase receipt and then they will replace it. I am on a fixed income and my wife needs filtered water due to a medical condition. Got the PUR water filter unit to save money over bottled/filtered water. Cannot wait weeks or months until PUR gets around to sending us a new one. PUR told me they will not send me another faucet unit.

April 2016 I’ve been having trouble with Brita filters bypassing water so I am looking to change. Thanks for the assessment. I’ll try PUR.

DO NOT rely on this water filter for healthy drinking water. After purchasing the first filter unit, the light indicator stopped working after 3 weeks. Although, PUR replaced the housing unit at no cost, the CSR told me that the indicator light "does that" on all units and I shouldn't worry about the water quality. She told me I should change it every 3 months, but she would send a new one just to ease our minds. The new unit's indicator light stopped working after 4 weeks. The indicator light is there to let the consumer know when the filter needs changing. The indicator light on PUR unit is useless. I'm not confident the filter is working. We used BRITA for many years with NO unit problems. Back to BRITA!

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Brita vs. PUR Water Filters – Which is Better? - Water Purification HQ I have used Pur water filters for several years and have been pleased with the WATER quality, I am however very displeased with the PRODUCT quality. The first one split out the side of the housing after less than 1 year of use. I thought this must be a one off failure and certainly wouldn't happen again. Well I was almost right, my second one has developed a crack in the front that shoots the water straight at me. Both were bought at Home Depot. It's a shame they are so shoddily made because they really did make the water taste better, but I will never buy another one of their products again and am researching alternatives. My advice... these are a waste of money!

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We purchased this pitcher to ensure our quality of water intake was good, However the quality of how the pitcher is design is horrible. I myself being in plastic co and being a Quality control inspector this design is very poor. The lid to pitcher on sits in no tight seal and when you pour I don't care how slow a force of water comes rushing out and you lose 1/4 of you filtered water. And it's frustrating enough when you fill your pitcher you have to wait a long time to fill it because of the water going though foyer process. So needless to say if you're at the bottom of your water pitcher you best believe you might only get 1/2 of your supply. Very disappointed of a well named company! Money wasted!!!

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