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Ok. ..I purchased some diatomaceous earth from my holistic natural pet store and it says on it for fleas and ticks on it (belly rub). The ingredients say just diatomaceous earth. So that information can it be ingested? I got a puppy from a breeder 8weeks old shes been diagnosed with walking dandruff. Wow...that stuff is horrible, now I and my fiancé both have bites all over us. I am getting the worst of it. :( I'm using the diatomaceous earth because im at my wits end. I only pray that it takes care of the issue. I'll keep you posted! !!

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Hello Rina, I would highly recommend , this is an all natural product that not only will kill the fleas on contact but will soothe your puppies skin immediately to help with the discomfort on his skin. If you use this regularly for flea protection on your puppy your home and pet will be rid of fleas permanently! You just spray it on the coat and brush or comb right to the skin. This can also be used to spray furniture, and pet bedding to kill adult fleas and all of the flea cycles that are most definitely in your home. You can follow the steps on the page as well to get the flea problem out of your home.

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Jul 9, 2016 - Off topic but getting a puppy with fleas Okay so I want some advice Fill your kitchen sink with warm water. Add a little biodegradable, pet-friendly dish detergent to the water, and swirl it around with your hands. Place the puppy in the soapy water, and use a small cup to wet the puppy’s entire body. Squirt a little of the dish soap on the puppy, and rub it deep into her hair. Keep the soap on the puppy for 15 minutes to give it plenty of time to work. Dish soap will kill fleas, but is gentle enough for even young puppies. Puppies get cold easily, so turn up the heat to ward off the chills while the soap works its magic.

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After drying with the towel, you’ll want a to get the rest of the fleas and flea droppings off your puppy. If using a blow dryer, comb through while drying your puppy. Make sure you rinse the comb after each full combing stroke, you are getting rid of fleas on your puppy, you don’t want to put them back on!

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Bringing a new puppy into your home is exciting, and you've probably eagerly prepared for the new arrival. One thing you may not have planned for is fleas on your young puppy. In addition to making your puppy miserable with constant itching and scratching, a serious flea infestation can cause severe anemia in small puppies. While it's important to eradicate the fleas, there are special considerations when it comes to treating a puppy. The appropriate will depend upon the age and, in some cases, the weight of your pup. Some things to consider before reaching for a flea treatment: For safe removal of fleas for a puppy that young, you can buy a flea zapper comb that kills fleas the minute the comb comes in contact. I've used it on my own dogs and it really works. You can buy them at any pet store or on the internet. The dog doesn't feel the tiny charge on the flea either. It works best with short haired dogs.