The Choke Collar: The Right Choice For You

Also it should be noted that a slip collar is not meant for all dogs. Very small dogs or dogs with respiratory problems should not use a slip collar. If you have a puppy or a dog that continues to pull even while wearing a slip collar, you might consider an alternative collar like a halter or an illusion collar.

Slip and choke collars are designed to cut off the dogs airway....never a good idea on a puppy that can bolt. -----

Start by introducing your pup to the collar/harness. Show it to the pup, allowing them to sniff, but not to chew or mouth it – you don’t want puppy to think it is a toy. Ask your pup to sit and slip the collar/harness over his head, talking and praising as you do so. Repeat, leaving the harness or collar on for a few minutes. If your Newf shows any apprehension, repeat these steps until your pup is calm. Next put the collar or harness on fully. Encourage your pup to walk around. If your pup is anxious in the harness or collar, pair it with a familiar positive activity like having dinner.

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So i am wondering, training wise, at what age is it safe to use a slip (choke) collar on a puppy A slip collar is a training tool and should not be used as a standard collar. Remove it whenever your puppy or dog is in his crate or he’s left alone in order to avoid the risk of choking.

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Problems arise when the older puppy has been allowed to have his own way, is thoroughly distracted by his surroundings, or is handled in class by someone who is not physically strong enough to work a large, boisterous dog. A pinch collar may be preferred in these situations, although some trainers have great success with the humane choker or the nylon snap-on slip collar. The prong collar can be used to get these dogs under control, to remind them to walk nicely, to pay attention to the handler, and to quit pulling. Many dogs benefit from a week or two of training on the prong and then do fine on another collar. Some dogs are bullheaded and need a prong for a longer amount of time.

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The assistance dog school we have raised puppies for doesn't use metal slip collars at all, but the different fabric ones. The dog guide school still uses them on adults, but has been giving the puppy raisers a puppy and adult sized Martingale along with the puppy. They do instruct us that the Martingale is strictly for training and should come off with the leash. I haven't bothered with anything but a flat leather collar on our 5 month old Lab.The best training collar to use is one that is made out of soft, braided nylon, making sure that it fits snugly around the upper neck. Nylon collars are often used instead of steel (link) collars because they do not slip down on the neck like steel collars do, making them easier and more accurate for use in leash corrections. They are also adjustable and very light against the puppy’s skin.