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It seems like a xpen has more space, so there is further distance between the potty area & the bed area...would you want to sleep right next to your toilet? Actually she won't, once she is trained fully she will have free reign to come and go as she likes. They also have an xpen that attaches to the crate to give her more room. I understand that this set up may not work for everyone, but for us this works out very well. I have a small child so if I can have her potty pad contained in one area that she always knows to go to, then perfect. As I said this was my opinion on my experience with the PTPA. Everyone has their own views and ideas on what's right for their pet and at the end of the day must make the decision on what's best for their home.

What is the difference between the PTPA and an old-fashioned dog crate?

Strongly considering purchasing a 3 door crate and making my own PTPA and then buying their potty pads, that way if it doesn't work, I haven't broke the bank.

Can my puppy/dog potty outside after being trained with the PTPA

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