The 6 Best Hair Clippers for Home and Professional Use [July 2017]

Power, precision and speed are the most important qualities for a professional-grade hair clipper and the has all those qualities in spades, reviewers say. Its powerful motor cuts through even thick, curly or wet hair without flagging, and does it all with no pulling, tugging or nicking. The Oster comes with just two guide combs -- sizes 000 and 1 -- but there is a vast selection of optional blades available if that's not enough. While the prices of individual blades vary, users say they often purchase the when they buy the clippers. The basic hair clipper kit also includes a blade guard, lubricating oil, clipper grease and a cleaning brush.

When it comes to buying professional hair clippers, your shopping checklist should include:

The Oster Classic 76 is considered by many to be the "gold standard" of affordable, professional-grade hair clippers. Part of the reason for this lies in its construction. The clipper's housing is made of thick, durable plastic that is nearly the equivalent of vintage Bakelite. The one-speed electric motor is exceptionally powerful and can generate significant noise at times. The housing's grooved design definitely improves the Classic 76's ergonomics, but users with smaller hands may still find it to be a bit challenging during multiple haircuts. Because of its additional power and bulk, there is a learning curve with this model, but overall, stylists tend to be pleased with the final results.

Best Hair Clippers For Barbers & Professionals (Reviews 2017)

Disassemble the clipper parts to properly clean the inside too. Frequency: depends on usage/hair types. Still, if you want a sturdy, durable pair of clippers that can power through even thick or wet hair, users say the Wahl Chrome Pro is a great choice. It's also super easy to use, even for first time home barbers, with simple-to-follow instructions. Owners say this hair clipper feels extremely sturdy in their hand, and they like that professional heft. Even if you don't need the accessories, or only use one or two, this is a great, heavy-duty choice, most agree.

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Hair clippers are a fantastic tool for cutting hair, personal grooming, as well as for body shaving, and eyebrow / . The range of products is bewildering, so it’s good to seek some trusty advice before investing your money. Especially when it’s your clippers that earns that money!
The market can seem deceptive, with so many low-rate models advertised as “professional”, but here are the main things to look out for when choosing your professional hair clippers.

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Using a hair clipper is way easier than a pair of scissors. It diminishes the possibility of injuries, allows the hand to work in a flow, and provides excellent results. If you're ...While professional hairstylists and barbers are still in high demand for their specialized styling skills, some people are satisfied with running a hair clipper with a blade guard through their hair every few weeks to maintain a basic look. Some parents also find that DIY haircuts are much easier on the pocketbook than multiple trips to the barbershop.