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You can find Bearded Dragons for sale, and readily available, from better reptile stores, on-line, or at reptile shows and expos. Bearded Dragons are very prolific and in warm areas can produce year-round. Try to purchase your dragon from a breeder or someone with intimate knowledge of Bearded Dragons. They will help you set up the proper enclosure and will give you helpful hints so you are successful. A beginning keeper should purchase a dragon that is at least a month or two old to make sure it is past the hatchling stage, in which dragons are quite delicate. Though there are a wide range of prices, usually based on the dragon's color, even a drab, gray dragon will make a wonderful pet.

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Another commonly used substrate for bearded dragons is Calci-Sand. Calci-Sand is a calcium based sand specifically made for reptiles. It can be a bit more pricey compared to regular sand, costing between $8 to $15 per bag.

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We try to offer a fair and reasonable price for quality bearded dragons. The prices of terrariums differ widely depending on their size, and one must bear in mind that your baby bearded dragon will grow quickly in its first year and needs the space to do so. Prices range from $ 150-00 up to $ 300-00 for a decent quality terrarium that includes the correct UVB lighting and heating equipment. You may also want to spend extra money on getting nice decor for the terrarium to create a nice habitat for the bearded dragon.

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We try to offer a fair and reasonable price for quality bearded dragons. The prices will vary depending on the coloration, size, age, & genetics. At times we may have promotions that are often at low market prices for our dragons. We also offer a multiple dragon discount. After the first dragon purchased at full price, each additional dragons is $10.00 off the listed price. Purchase 3 or more and we will discount the cost of the dragons 10%. Dragons may be from different clutches, but all must be purchased and shipped at the same time for the multiple dragon discount to apply.

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