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Owner of Health Kismet, maker of a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder.

Rich Piana’s REAL FOOD: A healthy carb supplement in powder form.  for the best deal.

The FDA regulates , such as caffeine powder, differently than "conventional" foods and drug products. The FDA ensures that claims on supplement labels are factual -- but don't need approval from the agency before they're marketed to the public.

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PetAg KMR Milk Replacer Food Supplement for Kittens & Small Animals Powder Powdered premix products that are intended to be added to water or other liquids have long been marketed as dietary supplements. If properly labeled as a dietary supplement, a product of this type is unlikely to be confused with beverage mixes or used as a substitute for a beverage mix. Powdered premixes may bear directions recommending that the premix be added to a liquid as a convenient delivery system, for other reasons of convenience or stability (e.g., if the ingredients are not stable in aqueous solutions), or to mask the taste of certain ingredients. We generally do not view such products as beverages when they are labeled as dietary supplements, provided that they are not otherwise represented as being for beverage use or as alternatives to beverages. Likewise, we generally would not view liquid concentrates that are added to water or other liquids as beverages when they are labeled as dietary supplements, provided that they are not otherwise represented for beverage use or as alternatives to beverages. An example of a product represented for beverage use would be chocolate syrup labeled with the statement “Delicious in milk or over ice cream.” In addition, a product labeled as a powdered lemonade mix would be considered to be a conventional food because lemonade is a beverage.

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Are Raw Food diets complete? No! Dr. Bob Goldstein has formulated the Daily Raw Complete Powder, a nutritional supplement to add to Raw Meat diets. It is a culmination of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, pro-biotics and high levels of Vitamin E that will give the nutrients necessary if you are feeding Raw Food.

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At Wellington Foods, we have been blending and packaging powdered nutritional supplement products since 1974. Though products and packaging configurations have changed during that time, the need for a Quality driven manufacturing process has not.Most protein powders are a highly processed food supplement. They must be refined so they don’t taste like garbage and have a long, stable shelf life.