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I'm glad - I'm SO glad - that de Rossi is better and that she got through her ED. What she went through was horrible. I just wish she didn't have to throw fat people under the bus in the process. The epilogue of this book is filled with fat-phobic references to "overweight" people "obese" people, bodies that are "heavy" and/or "fat" and it sucks. I wish Portia understood that even at 5'8" and 168 lbs(or whatever she was at her high point), she wasn't "fat" and that even if she had been fat, ACTUALLY fat, as in fat like someone who might regularly discriminated against because of the size of her body, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE. But for Portia, it's clear, 168 lbs was not fine and would never/could never be fine. And that's a very sad note to end on, especially in an ED recovery memoir.

Since Portia's been in the weight gossip spotlight some years back, when eating ..

What if Portia's set weight, her natural weight when eating and living as healthfully as possible, was 168 lbs? What if it was 200 lbs? 350? More? For so many women, that's the case. Plenty of women are both naturally fat AND healthy, but I don't know if Portia believes that. She's obviously still struggling. That's normal. I just wish that instead of ending her book the way she did, she had shown a little solidarity to other women out there - the ones who aren't lucky enough to have a socially acceptable set weight.

Portia de Rossi tells Oprah: I weighed 82 pounds ..

After some scanning and observation, I'd say that Portia appears to be a very skinny .. Portia de Rossi has admitted to suffering from anorexia and bulimia. She started dieting at the age of 12 when she began modeling. The least she ever weighed was 82 lbs (39 kg) and the most was 168 lbs (76 kg).

Unbearable Lightness: better than bearable - JEN SELK

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