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We are proud to introduce our Hydro Breeze Portable Misting System with industry leading high pressure mist pump. Our powerful misting unit generates large volume of ultra fine mist to instantly cool surrounding areas. Oscillating 3 speed mist fan covers wide area and helps cool large crowds. All terrain rolling cart and outdoor rating makes it perfect for sporting events, rehab centers, construction or industrial use.

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Portable outdoor misting system cools the ambient temperature up to 30°F with no batteries or electric power required so you can enjoy a cool environment wherever you need it.

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The Original 12-Volt Portable Water Misting Cooling Systems ® Complete Home, Patio, Tent, Awning & Mobile Outdoor Event Spray Mist & Cool Systems Our industrial portable cooling systems help you to take care of your most important assets…your employees and your production. Eliminate heat stress injuries and lost time with smartly placed spot cooling in your facility. Cooler workers also work harder, take fewer breaks, and make fewer costly mistakes. Our portable cooling units can eliminate the need for many other more costly precautions, but lowering temperatures up to 35 degrees.

DIY Harbor Freight Portable Mister Misting System.

Our product lines include our stainless steel circulation and high velocity fans, misting pumps, and portable mist fans. We carry a complete line of slip lock fittings, misting nozzles, high and low pressure mist tubing, filtration systems and specialty mist products custom designed for you (also replacement parts for all components of your mist system).

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Second only to a harem of Brazilian supermodels fanning me with giant leaves and rubbing ice cubes all over my chest: the HumidiBreeze Portable Misting System. This tabletop-sized outdoor fan blows a light, cooling spray through its centrifugal disk design to lessen the blow of scorching summer days. The mister's output can also reduce static electricity, and steer away surrounding pollen, odors, dust, and other pollutants. Variable mist settings and a 4-liter water tank spout up to 25 gallons per day.At Mist Works, we design and build our own high pressure and mid-pressure mist pumps and systems, we sell and rent portable mister fans. Installations available or we offer DIY kits!Portable cooling systems are extremely versatile. You can use large portable industrial units for warehouse cooling or for outdoor events. Or you can select a smaller mobile misting fan that fits in the trunk of your car for sporting events. Misting Pros has a solution for whatever your portable cooling needs may be. With the evaporative cooling of mist and the convective cooling of wind, our systems can cool the air up to 35 degrees. From small 3×3 units all the way up to our largest 48” fan, portable evaporative coolers offer another good cooling option. They are self-contained units, using a fan and pad evaporative cooling system. Water is circulated from the tank and soaks into the pad, and a fan pushes air through the wet pad. Pushing air through water evaporates some of the water, and pushes a cool breeze out. We offer oscillating models that can cool up to 100 feet away, and 48 inch fans that can cool 500 people at a football game. The range is wide. Just determine how much power and range you need, and we have a “spot cooling” product to suit your purposes.Big Fogg Misting Systems offers a large variety of different configurations and styles of Misting Systems for any application. The staff at Big Fogg designs, builds & installs misting systems including the premier stainless steel misting systems made for industrial cooling, patio misting, outdoor cooling, restaurant cooling, mist cooling system, portable misting systems and outdoor misting systems specifically designed for each customer's applications. Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right misting system including wind direction, height of the misting systems, amount of humidity, time of day the misting system will be used along with cost and customer's cooling preferences.